Monday, September 09, 2013

BCQC August Open Quiz 2013 Part Doux - Report

Date: 25 August 2013

Set, Curated and Conducted by: Anannya  "Dada" Deb

Format: Teams of 2 for the Prelims; top 6 teams plus 3 draft teams in the Finals; 2 Rounds of IR with 18 Questions each, 4 Rounds of thematically connected "Threesomes" worth 5 points each; Infinite Bounce on the IR Rounds (+15/-10)

Vikram Joshi, Sumit & Kshitij Jyoti - 65 points
Anubhav Chatterjee, Roshit & Debanjan Bose - 60 points
Rohan Danait, Saikat Sarkar & Alok Kulkarni - 45 points
Kunal Sawardekar, Saahil Singh & Archis Katti - 30 points
Suraj Prabhu + 2 - 25 points (You didn't write your names on the sheet, guys - let us know in the comments and we'll put them up)
Abhishek Upadhyaya, Maitreyi Gupta & Kartik Ganesh - 20 points

I always associate Dada with quizzes that are more "subaltern" than what we are used to at the BCQC, and this time was not an exception. While subaltern-ness is always welcome, what I especially liked about this quiz was that even though the themes explored were different from the (Pune) quizeitgeist, the answers were not unknown to most of the audience (I am a bit of a fan of the Mother Rule, BDFL-ian fatwa nothwithstanding). Another motif of Dada's quizzes which I enjoyed again in this quiz was the use of his own photography as visual clues - instead of the copy-paste from Google Images that many of us quizzers usually resort to.

One peeve I had with the quiz (and perhaps with the Bombay school of quizzing in general) was the multiple-pronged questions. Although the quality of the framing was in general quite high, I didn't quite see the point of asking for multiple answers to the same question. One particular question was completely answered in parts by four different teams, but the QM found himself unable to award any points at all without recourse to non-Euclidean geometry. I feel such questions would be vastly improved if just one answer was expected from the teams.

Overall, a good quiz, if somewhat tough (in spite of the Infinite Pounce, there was only about 4-5 pounces through the quiz).

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