Monday, September 26, 2016

BJ Medical Quizzasm - Report

Report is written by Anmol Dhawan from AFMC.

Quizzasm, General Quiz  at BJ Govt Medical College, Pune
Date: 11th September 2016

QM - Omkar Dhakephalkar

1st - Anmol Dhawan & Pranjal Gupta (AFMC)
2nd - Anirudh Anilkumar & Hritvik Jha (AFMC)
3rd - Omkar Borate & his partner (COEP)

Other qualifiers - Sruthi & Sravya Darbhamulla (ILS Law College), and one team each from BJMC & SKNMC.

- Anmol Dhawan & Pranjal Gupta

Prelims - generally easy workable questions. Omkar had obviously toned it down from his usual quizzes at ILS/BCQC allowing for easier guessing. Questions were good, well framed and fundas were nice too.

Finals - again a great set. We felt there were some sitters in the finals which probably could have been asked in the prelims instead (new iPhone not having headphone jacks, Canonisation of Mother Teresa, Charlie & the Chocolate Factory etc). Could have been more representative - there weren't many questions from literature or sports.

The questions themselves were interesting, and considerably more workable than Omkar's usual quizzes, which was great and thoroughly enjoyable. A lot of great fundas too. The quiz also saw a bunch of first time quizzers work out questions, pounce and get them right, which we think is excellent.

The QM was also confident, explained the rounds clearly and crisply, and was fairly certain regarding what exactly he needed in the answer.

All in all, great quiz. Really enjoyed it.

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