Friday, September 30, 2016

Mindspark '16 Quizzes - Report

The Technical festival College Of Engineering Pune hosted a set of three mega quizzes from 23rd –25th September. The quizzes each year draw a variety of audience with a taste of everything for everyone.

Torquest - The Sci-Tech Quiz
QM- Divij Ghose
Set By- Ipshita Paul & Divij Ghose
Winners- Shantanu G. and Shantanu P. (BMCC)
              Known for its status quo of hi-tech fundas and you-know-it-or-you-don’t questions, Torquest ’16 had been an interesting affair. The 21 question Prelims with 4 two part questions seemed tough, the quiz had high-school familiar scientists fundas and relatively easy tech questions, with the very first question bearing the answer ‘Torque’! The two-part questions and long framing added to the difficulty of the Elims and the teams were seen tickling their brains.  The quiz had a participation of more than 85 teams which jam packed the Mini Auditorium. Finals went smooth at a slow pace with the same question pattern as that of the Elims, the rounds in finals were interestingly named after Coldplay songs. As the quiz progressed a close fight was worth a watch then eventually BMCC proving to be victorious.
QM’s word- “The teams performed as expected but missed out a few simple questions despite enough clues overall a high scoring finals was an indicative of their immense knowledge”

Qonnoisseur - The MELA Quiz
QM- Rohan Tikoo
Set By- Dhananjay Jagtap & Rohan Tikoo
Winners- Pranjal Gupta & Rishabh Mehta (AFMC)
                The MELA Quiz on Day 2 of the fest began with a fresh Saturday but had a low turnout despite the love of Pop Culture among students. The prelims were an easy set of straight-forward 25 questions. The quiz was lighted by the goodness gracious presence of the then Quiz Club head Chinmay Tadwalkar. The finals had an engaging confluence of Western and Indian fundas which were workoutable with many oh-damn-I-knew-that moments. Some historical questions like the one asking about the artwork around the Preamble of India kept the interest going. The quiz ended with two first positions by Pranav & Charles and Pranjal & Rishabh (AFMC) but just for the sake of winner trophies and documentation the AFMC team got the (third) tie-breaker correct about Indian Spiderman Pavitra Prabhakar. Pranav & Charles had the funda but couldn’t name the character. The quiz was set on the lines of known fundas which needed to be cracked from the clues in the questions.
QM’s word – “There were a lot of questions to which people thought the answers were obvious eg. Grauman’s Egyptian Museum, Que Sera Sera, Peter Sellers. Top 3 teams were fierce as there was an extended tie-breaker round

Chakravyuh - Pune’s largest Open General Quiz
QM- Aman Shaikh
Set By- Omkar Borate & Aman Shaikh
Winners- Aniket Khasgiwale and Aditya Gadre
                 Most of the Quizzing janta showed up for the quiz which made the Chakra this year massive. The Elims had a mixed-bag of questions a lot of which were not meant for the commoners but for the stalwarts. The finals were a small set of two rounds of 16 questions each (total 32 questions) that included everything under the sky and beyond. A strong set of finalists made the finals intriguing with current affairs, sports and major general questions. The quiz was set keeping in mind the standards of the legacy of Chakravyuh and its importance in the quizzing scene. Special mention to team 6 led by Maitreyi Gupta and Anannya Deb who were at zero after round one of finals because of many positive and negatives but finished runner-ups also the AFMC team who missed getting into the top 6 by only one star marked question led by Pranjal Gupta and Rishabh Mehta. The winners are Alumni and great quizzers Aniket Khasgiwale and Aditya Gadre.
QM’s word- “Setting and open Quiz had been quite a challenge considering the standard one needs to maintain as participants are the ones quizzing as the same age as we are right now. The teams performed well which was as expected, we tried to keep the quiz safe without ambiguity which explains the short finals. It was a good experience as a whole and we have improved a lot in the categories in which we were weak.

Overall the quizzes were having a low scoring prelims than expected by the quiz setters with teams cracking questions in the finals. The event was a success, special mention to Akshay, Soumaditya, Ipshita, Karan for the event management, scoring and logistics. Accolades to Rohan Jr and Omkar Jr for their help.

Right after Chakravyuh, ENIGMA – The National Quiz by BITS Pilani Hyderabad Campus was conducted which saw a participation of 10 teams with 8 advancing into the finals. Omkar Dhakephalkar being the enthusiastic QM, the quiz was a high scoring one which Divij and Dhananjay won.

We would like to thank all the participants in the quizzes it could not happen without you.
We will soon have the quizzes on Slideshare.

by Vrushabh Gudade

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