Monday, September 26, 2016

Qonnoisseur 2016 - Report

Report- Qonnoisseur 2016, CoEP MELA college Quiz
Report written by Pranjal Gupta, AFMC.

Set by: Dhananjay Jagtap and Rohan Tickoo
Conducted by : Rohan Tickoo
Date: 24th September 2016

1st - Pranjal Gupta and Rishabh Mehta(AFMC)
2nd - Pranav Joshi(Modern College) and Charles(PICT)
3rd - Arnabh Sengupta and Anirudh Anilkumar(AFMC)

PRELIMS-  Thanks to the previous day's events, it was a relief that the Prelims started on time. (Quiz was delayed by 3 and a half hours the previous day) Only 20 questions though, with some nice questions on Moulin Rouge, Kahlil Gibran, Greta Garbo mixed with easy ones like Feluda and a few from the Marathi category.
But some of the  weirdly framed questions on 'Take Me To Church' and the Grauman's Egyptian Theatre(yup, not the Chinese!) combined with no part points on offer reduced the cut off to 6.


The finals began with a written round on Simpson movie references, and teams generally scored well with two teams getting all correct.
This was followed by 2 infinite rebounds with a LVC in between.
The LVC was about artworks with Vladimir Putin performing the Labours of Hercules. Two teams got it on the second slide itself scoring a 50. But the SLS team waited too long and had to play catch-up throughout the remaining quiz. I felt the nature of the connect deserved not more than 30 points.
The remaining quiz was actually quite good, with some stand out questions being about Peter Sellers playing an Indian, Japonism, Yayati complex etc. But it was really surprising to see a total lack of questions on post 2000 TV shows and movies in a college MELA quiz.
As expected, it was tightly contested with Rishabh & I tied with Pranav & Charles for the top spot with 175 points, closely followed by Arnab & Anirudh at 170.
A tie breaker gave us the technical 'first position'.
Thoroughly enjoyed it and kudos to the organisers!

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