Monday, March 08, 2004

Brand Equity 2004 - Pune Regional Round


First: Ranjan Banerjee & Ajay Kolhatkar (Renaissance Consulting)
Second: Manish Manke & Kartik Jayaraman (Geometric Systems)
Third: Landscape, Goa
Also: Samrat Sengupta + Amit Garde (Persistent), Kanbay S/W, Triple Point


Perhaps it is not fair for me to write any, as I'm hopelessly biased against the way it is conducted. I don't really like Mr. O'Brien's methods and I don't like the questions from D 'O B & Associates. I wish we could get a fraction of the money splurged there that would help us conduct a quiz of our own. I'm not sure why big-spending quizzes don't have good questions - I don't get the relationship. But the thumb rule still holds true. The greed among the audience is to be seen to be believed! Atleast I had the pleasant company of friend and fellow cribber Capt. Shankar. Renaissance were always my top seeds, and here's hoping they'll do well in the All India Finals.

P.S.: Mr. O'Brien needs to be told that though he may be a dashing presenter, since he can't speak Hindi for nuts, his pseudo-Bihari accent is the worst ever I've heard. Even Cyrus Broacha is better.

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