Monday, March 08, 2004

Question of the Week - 3

Here's a question from the maitré from Mensa 2001 (a.k.a Amnesia 2001 (Surviving Factual Harassment)) which had quite a few personal favourites.

Q: Connect: Editor and Managing Director of a daily, a storekeeper at an army depot, a domestic servant, a restaurant proprieter, a refugee, a medical practioner and a barrister.

A: They formed the accused in the M.K.Gandhi assassination case. (Nathuram Godse & Narayan Apte, Gopal Godse, Shankar Kistayya, Vishnu Karkare, Madanlal Pahwa, Digambar Badge & V.D.Savarkar).

I think the reasons for liking the question are simply personal - it is a portion of history that I (like many others) have some interest in. It is an oft made valid accusation that we sometimes don't explore newer areas in our quizzes here, so this question commendably moves away from the usual subjects. The question is taut and its p.o.v of the fact is fresh, for those men are not usually described as such.
Also Question of the Week-2.

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