Monday, March 08, 2004

Chakravyuh 2004


First: Gaurav & Neeraj (IIM-L & Jamnalal Bajaj cum BCQC)
Second: Harish & Ramanand (BCQC)
Third: Niranjan & Samrat (BCQC)
Also: Brijesh & partner (AFMC), Meghashyam & Pooja Shirodkar, ICICI Mumbai


Probably the most extraordinary circumstances I have seen a quiz conducted in. It's still all very confusing to me. I can only appeal to the other quizzers who were there to limit their comments & criticisms to the questions, for the intentions of the organisers were bonafide. A sympathetic pat on the back for the organizers Siddharth, Anup, Tejas, Shabbir, Mufeet and the rest. Chakravyuuh IV needs to be analysed thoroughly, but not in a public thread (except maybe the distribution of questions) - we can get it right again next time.

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