Sunday, March 06, 2005

Phoenix '05, MESCOE

4th Mar 2005

Lord of the Rings: the Entertainment Quiz

Set and conducted by: Pratap Nagarkar


1st: Aditya Udas (MESCOE) + Kunal Sawardekar (FC)

2nd: Kunal Thakar & Anand Ayyadurai (VIT)

3rd: Siddharth Dani & Salil Bijur (VIT)

4th: Arvind Iyengar & Aditya Pethe (MESCOE)

5th: Shriniwas Kulkarni (MESCOE) + Anupam Akolkar (VIT)

6th: Ganesh Hegde & Anirudh Kasbekar (VIT)


'Lord of the Rings' was the quiz at Phoenix, organised by the Mech. dept. of MESCOE. Ent quizzes are popular in MESCOE; Hollywood & rock being the favourite topics. The quiz was set by one of their alumnus Pratap, known for his weakness for movie themes and OSTs.

The first round was 'Movie Dialogues' where Anand & Kunal T. of VIT got of to a flying start. It was followed by rounds on 'Music' and 'Movies'. The next one was the audio round where the MESCOE-FC combine of Aditya & Kunal S. dominated.

Next came the specialities round, the topics comprised Indian rock bands, OSTs, Serials (western), Books, Media Personalities and Comics. The selection was made by teams with scores in the ascending order, thereby the top two teams (KT-AA, AU-KS) left with little choice (books & OSTs in that order).

The last round, and the most controversial one was 'Hate thy Neighbour'. 6 questions per team. Negatives for all questions (even for pass). Weightage for questions decreasing from 25 to 5. The 1st two could be thrown to any team. Acting skills came in handy here for all, especially maintaining expressions/reactions. KT-AA and AU-KS were the favourite targets, yet managed to maintain their lead. The finish was close and the MESCOE-FC combine won narrowly by answering their last 3 make-or-break questions correctly.

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