Tuesday, March 08, 2005

SCOE Osiris '05

Set by: Anish Bhat and Akshay Raut.


1st: Kunal Thakar (VIT) & Kunal Sawardekar (FC)

2nd: Mihir Shah & Rahul Gokhale (SCOE)

3rd: Salil Bijur & Anupam Akolkar (VIT)

Also: Siddharth Dani & Ganesh Hegde (VIT), Srinivas Kulkarni & Aditya Pethe (MESCOE), Ashwin Date and Mohit Chabra (SCOE)


The quiz, Headbang, was very rock music/Simpsons/Hitchiker's Guide/Calvin & Hobbes heavy, reflecting the QMs tastes to a very great extent. The elims were quite good, IMO, with some very workable questions, though they were again very partial to some topics. The finals, too were good, though some of the visual connects were a little weak. All in all, it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience, though some participants who were not quite with the Quizeitgeist might disagree.

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