Wednesday, February 20, 2008

AFMC Entertainment Quiz

Set and Conducted by : Safal and Vivek

1st: Aditya Gadre and Suvajit Chakraborty :110
2nd:Aksha Vyas and Rudra Sen : 80
3rd : Srideep and Subhodeep : 55
4th : Abhishek Nagaraj and Yasho Tamaskar : 50
5th: Team E : 0
6th : AIT : -10

The Quiz started off with a very tough 25 question elims . Cut off was just 5 .

The finals themselves featured a very good mix of music , movies ,TV and other stuff both Indian and western. I particularly liked this quiz since I learnt a lot from it. Quite a few questions went unanswered . A lot of hardcore trivia was asked (eg. stuff like Chubby Checker and Narnie Nixon ) . The only dissapointment was probably the long delay in starting the quiz and the lack of turnout .

Another minor crib was that there were multiple questions on some people . For Example Satyajit Ray , Buddy Holly , Simpsons and Guru Dutt featured twice each.

Overall , it was a good quiz. Rather different from other ent quizzes but good nonetheless.

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Yasho said...

As I had stated to zizou before posting this, I disagree with him..There were some pretty good questions, no doubt...but others were too obscure..I knw questions are not supposed to b my mum has heard of the answer stuff....but it shouldnt b too obscure either...
I strongly disagree with gadre whose knowledge of english music is more than that of an avg quizzer and who has intrest in pre historic rock bands.
Set by the same set of QM's , Sham Bhatt was a much better quiz .