Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Shyam Bhatt Memorial Quiz

Date:13th Feb, 2008.
Venue: AFMC, Pune.

Set and Conducted by : Safal Mohammad and Vivek Mathew

1st: Aditya Gadre and Abhishek Nagaraj (COEP) - 175 pts
2nd: Yash Marathe (Modern) and Yasho Tamaskar(COEP) - 170 pts
3rd: Suvajit C and Raghav C (Symbiosis Law) - 165 pts
4th: Team D - 125 pts
5th: AIT - 110 pts
6th: AFMC - 45 pts

This years Shyam Bhatt Memorial started with a 30 question (rather tough) elims. Question were pretty decent, while there seemed to be a slight lack of turnout.

The Main Quiz itself consisted of 48 dry questions and 10 'Who/what am I?' questions with 4 clues per question.The questions were excellent. Nearly all questions were workable and/or very interesting. Most importantly lots of new areas seemed to be investigated. This was a good example of a quiz where each question was not "taxing" but interesting nonetheless while not decreasing difficulty. The emphasis on "pop-culture"/sports was less, and we saw more questions on things like history/politics and geography.

Overall it was good to see a well organised good quality quiz. The quiz also had an underlying theme with over 18 elements to connect. The 18 elements each had a question, and these questions proved to be too simple eventually. With the theme being cracked early, a lot of the quiz's quality was compromised. Other cribs about the quiz were that the clues to the theme were too obvious and 4 of the teams got the theme on the 3rd clue itself , the occasional appearance of 'finger of god' and some dubious marking. Also maybe a better turnout would've been great.

As for the scoring, it was an extremely tight-run thing throughout. Top 3 teams ended up withing 10 points. It also saw some inspired answering from Yash Marathe/Raghav and a couple of times from Aditya Gadre near the end. Overall a fun quiz to be at.

PS: report compiled by Aditya G with some inputs from Abhishek N


Yash said...

The THEME was the phonetic alphabet.
But the first 3 theme clues contained Tango X-Ray and Foxtrot.Too non-related otherwise...Hence the theme being easy.
It would have been harder if the initial clues would have been people or Geographical entities.
But all in all a very good and enjoyable quiz.

Anonymous said...

team d was ait and e and f were afmc ...