Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Edison Quiz at Modern College

Set and Conducted by Yash Marathe.

1st: Aditya Gadre and Suvajit Chakraborty : 155
2nd: Abhishek Nagaraj and Maitreyi Gupta : 100 (Won on tiebreaker to come second)
3rd:Aniket Mandavgade and Abhishek Sathe: 100
4th: Nikhil Motlag and Avaneendra Bhargav (sub Yasho Tamaskar) : 70
5th : Saroj Kumar Singh and Sudeep Sengupta: 55
6th : Swanand Gadgil and Abhishek Khandelwal :20

Quiz was quite good for a debut effort. The elims were pretty bad with about 36 one liner random trivia questions and 4 good questions.
The first round was conducted by some other guy (whose name I've forgotten). It was quite bad. Most questions were very boring and /or too easy.
The next four rounds were conducted by Yash. These were quite good. Some questions were great, while there were quite a few chestnuts.
The quiz was quite a close fight with Team B and Team E ending up tied for second place with 100 points. Team E (Abhishek and MAitreyi) eventually won the sudden death tie break to come second.
Cribs: There were too many chestnuts which gave some of us an unfair adavantage. Organisation was quite poor. The quiz was scheduled to end at 2pm but the finals ended up starting at 2:30.


Yash Marathe said...

My apologies for late start, unfortunately that was not in my hands. We were scheduled to start at 10:30, but the other QM didn't show up until 11 (his name is Radheya Kahat in case you need it).

Since I haven't been to nearly as many quizzes as I should, I don't know which questions were chestnuts and which weren't, I tried not to include ones which I knew definitely were.

In any case, apart from 1 or 2, I didn't want to set questions which nobody would get, as it would have made for a boring quiz with all teams stuck on 20.

Ramanand said...

Based on what I've seen of the questions, some of them seemed nice. Although, to the naked eye, some seemed to be ctrl-c-ctrl-v from wikipedia or web sources. Yash: would like some moulding of content in your own words the next time, if my observation is indeed correct.

Yash Marathe said...

Some were indeed. I didn't know the elims questions until the day of the quiz, and I had provided the other QM with my questions which I didn't expect him to use. He did though and I had to rush home 1 hour before the quiz and replace the 4 offending questions. And sometimes Copy-Paste has no alternative, especially if you're using actual quotes. But I'll try harder next time, appreciate the advice.

Anonymous said...

Yash, I liked your questions quite a bit but there were lots of questions that had been done before. It was a good effort for your first-ever quiz. your co-quizmaster set terrible questions. In the elims, the first 7-odd questions had the year '2007' mentioned somewhere or the other. It seemed like his only source was a magazine which was reviewing the events of 2007.

Another point you must tell your co-quizmaster was that while giving the elims, we were treated like we were giving board exams (teachers invigilating etc)... make sure this doesn't happen when you are in charge (next year, hopefully? :) )


Yash Marathe said...

The supervision was to prevent cheating, mostly by Modern students. Last year, from what I've heard, there was quite a bit of it, and a lot of Modern teams made the final, and there were 2 in the top 3 (1st and 3rd). This time the teachers felt it would be better if the personally oversaw the elims. About the elims questions, apart from my 4, I have no idea of the source, though I suspect it's a quizzing website like

radheya said...

Hi..Radheya here..i have taken note of what you all have suggested...i was told to organise this quiz with transperancy .....Even i had my interview for BEST OUTGOING STUDENT so it was all messed best wishes are always with you all for your future....