Friday, January 02, 2009

Balls, Ballots, Bollywood - Questions!

There are two ways to get hold of the questions from Balls, Ballots, Bollywood:

1. View them on Slideshare at this link, where you may note:
a. To download, you will need a (free) Slideshare account
b. Some of the conversion to flash isn't very good, with text spilling over to the footer. However, if you are on the page of the presentation, you will see a transcript below that you can read from.

2. Download them from our Google Sites link (may be available for a limited period of time - about a couple of weeks only). Here, the elims are ~10 MB because they have a couple of the audio-visuals.

Please note that:
1. This set contains all the questions asked - prelims, finals (3 segments), final-within-final.
2. The size of the ppts are big. Audio-visual, being big, have not been uploaded, but paraphrased. (However, the 2nd link has a couple of audio-videos in the elims, leading to the big size).
3. Warning: the ppts have answers at the end.

Suggested order: Elims, Elims Answers, Rules and a Tribute, Finals-Balls, Ballots, Bollywood, Final Round. But you can mix it up and surprise yourself.

Please leave a comment or email me in case of meta-questions, clarifications, comments, corrections, and/or commendations. Please be kind.

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