Tuesday, January 20, 2009

ZEST - Sports Quiz

The College of Engineering, Pune will be organising a Sports Quiz as a part of 'Zest' , the annual sports meet.

Details: The Quiz is open to all engineering students (undergrads only).Cross college teams are allowed. Participants are requested to get their College I cards . Teams of two. Registration fees : Rs 50 per team.

Time and Venue: 1pm , Friday the 23rd of January in Room NO 13 , Mechanical Dept. COEP.

QM: Aditya Gadre

Sample Questions:
1. Connect : Fred the Red and Captain Fear
2. In 1991 , Bertrand Gachot was arrested for attacking a London cab driver with CS gas. What was the impact of this event on sports?
3. Complete the lyrics of this song by Johnny Wakelin
"Once there was a battle there (Chor: In Zaire, in Zaire) Hundred thousand people there (Chor: In Zaire, in Zaire) All those people gathered there (Chor: In Zaire, in Zaire To see the ________________________- (Chor: The-e-ere - in Zaire"

1. Mascots of Manchester United and Tampa Bay Buccaneers . Thus the connect is sports franchises owned by Malcolm Glazer.
2. Michael Schumacher got his big break in F1
3. Rumble in the Jungle

Contact: Aditya - 9881101291

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