Monday, January 12, 2009

Requiem for a Theme : Music Quiz this weekend

The next edition of the BCQC's experimental Theme League will be held this Saturday at the Boat Club.

Flavour: Western Music
Quizmaster: Aditya Gadre
Venue: Boat Club , College of Engineering Pune
Time: 1:30 pm , Saturday , 17th January 2009.

For all those interested:

-The quiz will consist of a written round followed by normal passing round . Prelims and Finals if you will. The participants will be put into teams depending on elims score. All participants will be included in the finals .
-Please get a pen/pencil/quill /some other writing instrument . Writing will be involved.
-Though it isn't mandatory , it'd be nice if you could mail me (aditya(at)bcqc(dot)org> to let me know if you are coming so that I have a rough idea about the number of elim sheets to print. For further details and reviews of past quizzes you can visit the Theme league page on the bcqc website. PS: In case you still have any questions , contact me at 9881101291

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