Sunday, September 22, 2013

BCQC September Open Quizzes 2013: The Pub Quiz - Report

The Pub Quiz

Set and Conducted by Aditya Gadre

Format: A written quiz of 41 questions with a total of 44 poitns to score on th topics of Food, Alcohol and Pop Music

1st: Venkat Srinivasan and Rohan Jain: 18 points
2nd: Samrat Sengupta and Maitreyi Gupta: 12 points

Overall the quiz was low scoring (I expected the scores to be more in the 15-20 range).

That said, the quiz was remarkably even with almost all the teams in the 11-12 range - with Samrat and Maitreyi just making it past to get second place. Vcat and Rohan were in great form and were miles ahead on 18.

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Ramanand J said...

Very good quiz. The topics were not what I usually order at the quizzing bar, but I was still familiar with most of the answers, and could even work out a couple of answers based on the clues. Enjoyable.

Vcat said...

Go Canada! Liked all the starred questions even more. :)

Samrat said...

Enjoyable quiz by Aditya. I am sure it must have taken considerable effort to put it up. Unfortunately a very low turnout.

Only a few answers were bouncers for me, otherwise quite gettable.

We missed out on quite a lot :) .