Sunday, September 22, 2013

BCQC September Open Quizzes 2013: Quiz Vuiz Tey Question Purana - Report

Quiz Vuiz Tey Question Purana

Set and Conducted by Samrat Sengupta

Written elims of 20 question with the teams getting points in the final to start off depending on elim standings
Final of 18 questions on Infinite Rebounds, 18 questions on 6 Speciality topics (6 x 3), 2 List its and 6 questions on differential scoring.


1st: Team F: Kunal Sawardekar, Aditya Gadre and Aditya Karve : 161 points
2nd: Team B: J Ramanand, Tadatmya and Anubhav Chatterjee: 151 points
3rd: Team D: Ayush Agarwal, Aditya Pawar and Alok : 108 points
4th: Team A: Venkat Srinivasan, Rohan Jain, Abhishek Upadhya and Ameya: 82 points
5th: Team C: Suraj Prabhu, Venkat and Samridh: 66 points
6th: Team E: Alok Singh, Daipayan Roy, Maitreyi Gupta: 50 points

9 teams showed up, so the elims were more of a means of deciding who gets the starting advantage rather than actual eliminations. After the rather low scoring elims (Top two scores were only 9.5 and 8.5 with most other teams bunched at around 4 points), Teams B and F finished in the top 2 positions to start with a 20 point advantage and teams D and E started with a 10 point advantage.

Samrat's quiz lived up to its name - in that it was truly a mixture of old and new elements of quizzing. This meant no pounce, specialty round and inclusion of a differential scoring round and a list it.

- In terms of pure fairness, the quiz did seem to lack a bit especially since the questions in the IR round ranged from St. Peter (taking the 'Question Purana' part of the name a bit too seriously perhaps :P ) to Succulent Karoo and, in this case, not having enough questions to smooth over the peaks and troughs, seating position did affect standings.
- Some issues with the age old question of multi-pronged questions and their part marking
- A lot of the questions, while certainly very interesting, seemed a bit "knowledge" based and hence may not have been the most friendly environment for some of the newer quizzers. Will also slip in here that I am not a fan of list-its. Quizzing is not about memorizing lists IMO.

- The quiz was truly a throwback to several years ago with Sammy Sir at his entertaining best
- Extremely fun to take part in with constant banter, puns and jokes
- Some very new areas explored which are not usually seen in Pune quizzes
- I personally thought the elims were very good - a nice mix of topics. Tough, but interesting.

As for the actual quiz results, Team B led Team F for most of the quiz by a narrow margin before pulling away with a significant 30 point lead before the final round of 9 IR quesitons. Sadly for Team B luck favoured Team F with most of the questions in the final round being on their pet topics and Team F pulled off an unlikely comeback to win on the last question of the quiz.

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Ramanand J said...

Agree with Aditya's summary. I would have liked more questions in the IR passing rounds, and perhaps one less List-It (I don't like List Its as well.)

QM's rustiness showed in the awarding of points - we've have these debates several times before.

But there was much laughter and many a wisecrack!

Nice comeback from the winning team - the quiz was right up their alley :-) (and we did mess up a couple of answers, so won fair and sq.)

Vcat said...

The seating did us in by 30+ points! :(

Else, 'twas good fun. :)

Samrat said...

Enjoyed conducting the quiz. The ambience was good, and the quiz proceeded in a friendly and spirited manner.

I was surprised to see the low-scoring elims. In hindsight I could have made it somewhat simpler. The spread of topics in the elims was deliberate.

Sitters/Peters/Toughies are part of most quizzes, and I am ok with that, as long as it is an honest attempt and not downright laziness from the QM :) .

But due to them the fairness of the quiz shouldn't be impacted adversely, and I admit in this case it was somewhat impacted, as the IR quantity was less and the Specialty round passing rules, part-marking contributing to the skewness.

The List-its were kept to get people to put in some informed guesses, on relatively common subject areas, and encourage teamwork. It was not an attempt at checking memory.

In spite of these issues, the results were a fair indication of the team strengths. I was quite impressed with the team of Ayush and Aditya which came third. Good to see some fresh faces.