Saturday, February 05, 2005

Illuminati, Unify '05

Unify '05 was the fest orginised by SICSR (Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies and Research) where among other events (the main being a fashion show) was a quiz.


1st: Vasukeshav & Chandrakant (AFMC)
2nd: Kunal & Puranjay (FC)
Joint 3rd: Salil & Siddharth (VIT), Kunal & Nitesh (VIT)

Now the less said about the questions, the better. It just confirms the rule about Symbi and quizzing.
The theme of the day was the Renaissance, with heavy inspiration from the Da Vinci Code (the abrupt break in the quiz for the Mona Lisa story). However, it was fun to see the hosts 'rehearsing' for an empty audience in the beginning, and Siddharth at his usual best, arguing on questions like 'With which foot did Armstrong step on the moon?' and 'Which is India's fastest land animal'. Also the quizmaster (an SICSR prof)'s request for decency in answering (Kunal S will expain that). There was also a visual round with distorted/morphed photos of celebrities from a variety of fields like Hrithik Roshan, Michael Schumacher and John Steinback. All in all, an entertaining quiz.

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