Monday, February 07, 2005

Wall Street '05, Fergusson College

India Quiz

1st: Ganesh + Salil (VIT)

2nd: Vasukeshav + Chandrakant (AFMC)

3rd: Symbiosis Law

4th: AFMC

Joint 5th: Ashish + 1 (FC), AFMC

QM: Neel

Good, original questions. The visual round turned out to be a damp squib as most of them were the identify types, and couldn't be seen properly by participants & audience. Something better than IE should have been used.

Business Quiz

1st: Manish + 1 (SIBM)

2nd: SIFT

QMs: Neel, Shakti

The chosen format was based on CNBC's The Challenge, and given the topic, the finalists found it a cakewalk.

Entertainment Quiz

1st: Kunal T. + Siddharth (VIT)

2nd: Symbiosis Law

3rd: Ganesh (VIT) + Shivaji (BJMC)

4th: Nitin + Apu (MESCOE)

5th: Aditya (MESCOE) + Salil (VIT)

6th: Vasukeshav + Chandrakant (AFMC)

QM: Kunal S.

We understand the problems faced by the organisers - the time constraints, technicalities, etc. almost making it Mood I Ent Q-C'vyuh 04-esque. The questions were quite workable but the range of topics should have been expanded. A round reversal would had made things better.

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