Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Verve 2005

I'm sure the guys at EYF (Express Youth Forum) who organise Verve must have chanced upon the blog reviews before they woke up and decided to make a better quiz as last time. The result was a school quiz brought out on to the college level. But it was better than last time.

There is a strong hunch that the elims questions were lifted from Mastermind India. The finals had some better questions, with plenty of current affairs. The quizmistress/quizmiss (I don't recall her name) is supposedly in this field for many years, though it was pretty evident that the questions weren't hers. (It was also noted that she would blush whenever a wrong answer was given.)

Sample questions from elims:- Who are the chairman and MD of GAIL? Who is the ex-officio chairman of India? (authorised source, we're told)

Passing for the first 2 rounds was D&P. A request for a round reversal was granted, but to our dismay, the following rounds were non-passing: the topic round (with doubling or negative) and the speed round.

Srujan 2005, Tata Motors (the other Chakravyuh)

We were fearing that the long journey to Pimpri would result in another Verve. Thankfully, the quiz was a good one, being set by Abhinandan, a quizzer from Bangalore. There were old and new trivia alongwith the favourite workable connects (though some were real sitters), infinite rebounds. The event were extremely hospitable with a relaxed atmosphere. However there was no prize money, but a good quiz and dinner for all participants made the long trip worthwile.

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