Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Indian Quizzing Fanatics & the World's Best Quiz Questions

UK's Largest Quiz Organistation (or so they claim) picked up the BCQC story

Have seen this site earlier when Shrirang pointed out attempts to have a world quizzing championship a while ago. The site is interesting, given that the UK has a deep-rooted culture of quizzing (mostly of the trivia/pub nature). Saw this link to the search for the World's Best Quiz Question(s). Send in your entries to them.


StevenDC said...


I am one of the organisers of the World Quizzing Championships that was mentioned in previous posts. These WQC are organised by the IQA, the International Quizzing Association.

The 2005 version will take in more than 10 venues worldwide on July 2.

If you are interested in taking part, please contact me at and I will let you know the location nearest to where you live.

Kind regards,

Steven De Ceuster
IQA Director Western Europe

Labyrinth said...

check out