Monday, February 28, 2005

Mechatrix 2005

26 Feb 2005 at VIT - set & conducted by Anupam Akolkar


1st: B.V.Harishkumar & J. Ramanand
2nd: (jointly) Meghashyam Shirodkar & Anand Ayyadurai, Kunal Sawardekar & Siddharth Dani
4th: (jointly) Salil Bijur & Ganesh Hegde, Sudarshan Purohit & Srihari Suthamally
6th: Harsh Ketkar and Rashmi (could someone please patch her surname in?)


Considering this was probably the first time Anupam has attempted a quiz of this scale, quite a creditable effort. The elims actually outshone the finals in my opinion. In the finals, there were some very good questions, then there were some questions where answers were too pedantic, and there were some that were not so good according to me. Also, there were some inconsistencies in what answers were expected and the QM gave away hints in the middle of passing - but these are defects that can be smoothened by experience.

For the record, we topped the elims, picked Team B again when asked to choose, called ourselves "V shall not sue VIT this time" and won narrowly. There were some great answers from some of the teams, especially the ones who came second. Also, for the record, there was a bit of healthy cribbing, and I was wrong about Nathuram Godse in the identify (I mistook Karkare for him in the absence of Savarkar making the number of people 7 in the photo instead of 8), but I was right about Gopal Godse.

Massive crib: what's with the prize distro? Waited a couple of hours for the ceremony only to get a cryptic chit asking us to pick up prizes from some secret location in VIT's Mech dept and mispelled certis (Shailesh instead of Sudarshan, Harish became Manish from PSPL)... I'm feeling a little like Cuba Gooding Jr. in Jerry Maguire after both my VIT excursions have led to suspended cashflows - "Show me the money!"


Pleiades said...

Congrats on the win. :)

You did see the BEquity ad in ET today, didn't you? Is anyone participating?

I've got passes, obviously.

Ramanand said...

Thanks S...

Yeah, will be there at Brand Equity wasting company money - since I suck at Biz quizzing, how far we go completely depends on Amit Garde. The "ish" pair of Harish & Manish will also be there from Infy. Me got passes too ;-)

Salil said...

Its Rashmi Vadanagre.

This is actually Anupam's 2nd open quiz, though last year, the Shirodkars were the only non-college participants (they stood 2nd). His earlier quizzes have included the ones in intra-college fests that were really good.

There was major screw-ups in certis. I became Sahil and Kunal S. is from VIT. BTW, I have Shailesh's certi with me.

Anonymous said...

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