Thursday, September 22, 2005

Open Sports quiz - Rotary Club

An Open Sports quiz is being organized by Rotary Club.

Date :Sunday, 25th September.
Time : 1430
Teams of two
Venue: Gandhi Bhavan Hall,
Near Girls Blind School,
Behind Cummins India,

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Harish Kumar said...

Shamanth and his partner won this one. They were the oldest team on stage with finalists/winners of the ESPN Star school quiz making the rest of the fray.
Abhishek and Aniket from COEP were leading initially but the lack of IR and the buzzer set-up did them in.Shamanth's team did well to win this one.
Great to see lot of young blood on stage - a team from Abhinav had two boys in their Class X putting up a good show.