Saturday, September 03, 2005


Part of Abhivyakti, MIT.

Organized by : Akshad Vishwanathan, Kedar Toraskar.


1st : Kunal Sawardekar & Ulka Athale (FC)
2nd : Salil Bijur(VIT) & Janice D'Sa (PICT)
3rd : Abhishek Nagaraj & Aniket Khasgiwale (COEP)
4th : Kunal Thakar & Arnold D'Souza (VIT)
5th : Vasukeshav Sharma & Chandrakant Nair(AFMC)
6th : Rahul Phadnis & Viraj Phanse (MIT)

Report :

The 'English' Quiz at MIT was doing its first round at 'Abhivyakti' - basically a public speaking event. The management was excellent and on the whole everything seemed to be well run. There were no technical snags (with a VB based presentation) and 'live' scores. There was a slight glitch in the elims scoring with Dani & Anupam having to give up their place for Salil's team. Apart from that most things seemed OK. Coming to the questions, they were the usual mix of recycled, chestnuts and some really nice ones. Overall the effort was excellent and there seemed to be a lot of thought and preparation into the whole thing. However as happens often the luck of the draw did play some part in the final outcome. Also, somehow there was this feeling of 8 rounds finishing too quickly - probably because a lot of the easy questions were answered on the direct. Also the audio round could have been better.

Note 1 : Live scoring did not eliminate the 'suspense' as many of us might have feared. It just made things a lot clearer.Something that should be considered in quizzes henceforth.

Note 2: There was a tie-breaker between us and Kunal's team for the 3rd place.



Kunal said...

I second Abhishek's praise of the management of the quiz. It was neither chaotic nor micro-managed and inflexible, which is actually quite rare.

Abhishek said...

yes another point I think that needs a mention is the fact that the QM, though not knowing the exact working of IR was willing to accept the teams' suggestion. Not the usual 'adamant-i-know-it-all' style seen often.

Harish Kumar said...

The live scoring thing is necessary.Infrastructural inadequacies have worked against it till now.At the PSPL Audi, it should be 'better' but not that easy/good.
One more time when Kunal S was 'luckier' than Dani...

Ramanand said...

I assume live-scoring means that there is a screen with scores being updated. Old-timers will know that we have seen it at many quizzes in the past. I don't know why we don't see it these days.

I tried to have it at PiQue, but then the day before, the 2nd screen's comp had problems. At pspl, if we can organise a 2nd laptop for the 2nd screen, it is easy. We did it once at pspl for the SEAP quiz that Sammy did. Just a qn of logistics.

Abhishek said...

actually since this was VB based thing - they could incorporate a 'ticker' at the bottom. Also quite easy to do it in Flash - dunno if we can do that in ppt.

Anonymous said...

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Harish Kumar said...

What was so English about it?

Kunal said...

To distinguish it from the Marathi events, though I am not sure there was a Marathi quiz.