Friday, September 23, 2005

Quizzy Logic '05
part of AISSMS' annual fest Silicon Fusion

Date : Wed, 21st Sep. 05
Results :

1. Siddharth Dani and Abhishek Nagaraj (VIT, COEP)
2. Anupam Akolkar and Rahul Bhat (VIT)
3. Aniket Khasgiwale and Vineet Bhatawadekar(COEP)
4. +1 AISSMS Team


Ill managed esp. in terms of time. 3 hrs between elims and finals
The questions could be said to be 'tough' bordering on 'obsure'.
Negative marking/ Half IR Half D&P didn't help.
However atleast the questions were original and this quiz was definitely a step in the right direction.

PS :

There was the old 'chestnut' about the Warner Bros. only this time it was printed as : Jack + William + Robert + John = ? later modified to, Jack + Harry + Albert + Sam = ?


Salil said...

I cant help commenting on the name of the event - Silicon Fusion:
It sounds like 'Silly Confusion' ;-)

maverick said...

wow, i don't even turn up and still come third!! that was vineet.

siddharth said...

yea salil, our team name was :silly confusion-05

Abhishek said...

i dunno what iwas thinking when i wrote that - 2 mistakes. will correct. excusez-moi.