Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Sunday's Open Sports quiz

From Harish's comment - looks like it's not only that sports is a young person's game, but that sports quizzes too. Was it too ESPN Sports Quizzer friendly?

Shamanth and his partner won this one. They were the oldest team on stage with finalists/winners of the ESPN Star school quiz making the rest of the fray. Abhishek and Aniket from COEP were leading initially but the lack of IR and the buzzer set-up did them in.Shamanth's team did well to win this one. Great to see lot of young blood on stage - a team from Abhinav had two boys in their Class X putting up a good show.


Kunal said...

Well since the only team without ESPN Sports Quizzers on it won, one might say it was ESQ-unfriendly.

Abhishek said...

kudos to Shamanth and Ravi! and another tick in the IR column. And yes, a little bit of common sense does not harm you either.

Ravi said...
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Ravi said...

Must thank the "Vinod Kambli round" for the victory, cos unlike the other teams, I wasn't a toddler when Kambli broke into the scene :)
-- The old fogey who comprised one half of the winning team