Sunday, May 16, 2010

Brand Equity Quiz - Pune round results

Date: 14 May, 2010
Conducted by: Derek O'Brien
Venue: Ishanya , Pune

Turnoutt: 23 teams

1st: Infosys (C): Ajay & Jayakumar (95)
2nd: Advinus Therapeutics (A): Suraj & Siddharth (58)
3rd: Cognizant (B): Niranjan & Ramanand (55)
4th: Neo Green (D): Shubhodeep & Sandeep (40)
5th: RBI (F): Mohana & Priyam Bhattacharya (35)
6th: QED Baton (E): Nikhil & Tejas (10)
(IBM - Vishwajeet & Ramanathan just missed out)

The theme of the year was 'social networking', so much so that it also was the answer to a question. This was one of the few really good questions in an otherwise routine Brand Equity quiz round. The finals began with a round of direct multiple-choice questions (no passing), went on to a round of 'dry' questions, followed by a 'identify' visual round (reversed passing) and another 'dry' round. The fifth round was an audio-video round, at the end of which the last team dropped out (there was a two-way tie for the 5th place). In the final buzzer round, 3 teams left the stage after 4 questions, and 2 questions later, the quiz ended as Infosys took an unassailable lead. However, the quiz had been decided in the 'identify' round thanks to a hat-trick of answers from the winners, who scooped up 35 points to leapfrog to the top, which they never relinquished since.

The questions zig-zagged from the immensely ordinary (such as identifying the poster of 'Kati Patang') to the slightly controversial ("the difference between data compression and data mining") and a couple of excellent ones (especially well-answered by Advinus). Last year's venue (the amphitheatre in the same location) had a better ambience than the banquet hall thingy for this time. For the quizzing geek, there was yet more evidence of the iniquities of not using Infinite Rebounds (Bounce), but quizzing philosophy has always been secondary in such events. The idea of asking audience members to ask prelims questions was more than off-putting. However, overall, the quiz was a lot less annoying than some other business quizzes, and the audience seemed to enjoy the show.

Questions from the prelims here.

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