Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dosvidaniya (BCQC May Open Morning Quiz) - Results

Date: 9 May 2010

Set and Conducted by: Aniket Khasgiwale

Teams of 2 for elims. About 20 teams participated. 25 questions written elims.
Top 6 teams in finals. Participants from 7th-9th top teams chosen by finalist teams as draft picks. Teams of 3 for finals.
Finals: 48 questions IR with round reversal

1st: Team F - Kunal Sawardekar, Yasho Tamaskar and Subhashish Das (draft) - 125pts
2nd: Team A - Prasanna Kumar, Rahul Nayak and Anand Viswanathan (draft)- 65pts
3rd: Team B - Salil Bijur, Suvojit Chakraborty and Vikram Keskar (draft) - 65pts
4th: Team C - J. Ramanand, B.V. Harishkumar and Gurudatt Bhobe (draft) - 60pts
5th: Team D - Aditya Gadre, Suraj Menon and Sameer Deshpande (draft) - 60pts
6th: Team E - Rashmi Machado, Jaspreet Rikhraj and Bharath S (draft) - 35pts

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Ramanand said...

Very well formatted finals - pleased to say that. We have had some terrible eyesores in the past from some of us.

Elims were quite good. Finals - educative at times, but sometimes too obscure. Spread of topics was nice. All-in-all, v. compact and on time.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Can you guys post the Quizzes(with answers) on this blog once they are done ? Would be really helpful.

Anonymous said...

Anon - You might want to read http://notesandstones.blogspot.com/2009/03/why-we-dont-do-questions-on-this-blog.html


Ramanand said...

Anon 1: being the lazy idiots that we at the BCQC are, I'll let the QMs do this. Don't hold your breath though. Merci.

Aditya said...

The quiz was nicely done. Though there were quite a few things which i never heard of, or as Keskar put , the quiz was 'Team F heavy' :P