Thursday, May 20, 2010

Quiz Show - an informal Movie quiz at Landmark

We're going plane-crazy on Saturday evening. With a quiz on movies. If you're a quizzing enthusiast (read 'drooling geek') show up. If you're a movie buff, we'll be waiting for you. If you are both, then come on right in. If you are neither, then this quiz is tailor-made for you!

maajraa kyaa hai?: an informal movie quiz by the BCQC and Landmark, particularly for non-quizzers.
main kahaan huun?: Landmark, SGS Mall, Pune
maal kab pahunchegaa?: between 5 and 7 pm, Saturday (22nd May)
kitne aadmi hai?: there are no teams, no formalities, no registrations. Just show up, take a seat or stand by, and participate.

That's about it, really. See you on Saturday.

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