Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Landmark In-Store Movie Quiz - Report

The Landmark In-Store Movie Quiz was successfully concluded on Saturday evening. Quizmasters Niranjan and Suraj conducted the proceedings with great (and dare I say, Dereksian) flair, while Harish and I provided logistical and moral support. The quizmasters asked about 60-70 regular questions to the audience at large, followed by a final round of about 5-6 questions to four teams of the top scorers in the regular round. The audience for the quiz consisted of about 50-60 Landmark patrons (all adults, and thankfully so, seeing as Niranjan took the time to speculate on the strip club-visiting habits of the participants) with a core of about 20 staying through the quiz.

In sum, fun was had by all. Sadly, I did not note the names of the finalists, so perhaps Niranjan can let us know when he sees this.

Report by Kunal Sawardekar

This was the 3rd Landmark in-store BCQC quiz. The earlier ones were on the themes of Comics and the Books of Harry Potter.


Surya Ragunaathan said...

Did you note down some questions to post? :)

Ramanand said...

I hope you have read our 'why don't we post questions' link :-)
I'll let one of the QMs try and do this - but as usual, don't hold your breath. Will see if we can post some.