Monday, August 30, 2004

Inquizzition Announcement

- Date: 4th September 2004.

- Venue: Fergusson College Amphitheater.

- Registrations start 11:00am. All registrations will be on the spot.

- Elims begin 12:00pm. Elims will last for 45 minutes.

- Finals start 2:30pm.

- Teams of two. The quiz will be an open quiz.

- Entry Fee: Rs. 50/- for Corporates/Non College teams.
                 Rs. 30/- for College teams.

- Prizes: Rs. 6000/- for the winning team.
            Rs. 4000/- for the first runners up.
            Rs. 2000/- for the third runners up.
            Lots of great audience prizes will also be given.

- For more details, contact: Kunal Sawardekar (# 9850160475)

Notes on recent quizzes

* Kunal Sawardekar's tales of "roaring rampages of revenge" at Malhar 2004: here and there.

BTW, he and his FC teammates brought back a neat haul from "Jhavier" winning "North by Northwest" and coming 2nd in the Book Quiz. Nice!

* A typical BVHK post on his experiences at The Landmark Quiz 2004 at Chennai.

* The Hindu's report of the Landmark Quiz

Crucible (Tata quiz) : Pune Round results

Date: 16 July 2004


1st: Renaissance (Ranjan Banerjee & Ajay Kolhatkar?)
2nd: Daimler-Chrysler(Sohel Bohra + 1)
3rd: Geometric SSL (Manish Manke & Kartik Jayaraman ?) & HSBC
Other finalists: SDRC, Leading Edge

Set and Conducted by: Giri "Pickbrain" Balasubramaniam


* Thanks to Manish & Sohel for first hand accounts

* Renaissance continue to be the best Biz quizzers in Pune, having won Brand Equity twice now in Pune and now the Tata quiz, and given that the Shrirang/Amalesh Infy-joDi is no longer in business.

SCIT Software quiz results

Date: 6 Aug 2004


1st: VIT - Salil & Kunal
2nd: VIT - Anand & Anupam
3ed: VIT - Ganesh & Siddharth
Other finalists: SCIT, IIIT, SCMHRD

Set and Conducted by: Ramanand


* Positions in the finals were decided by the teams themselves, in descending order of scores in the elims

* Instead of starting with Team A as usual, lots were drawn to decide the beginning (turned out to be Team C)