Sunday, October 13, 2013

Conundrums (Mood Indigo General Quiz) 2013 - Pune qualifiers

Set by Ramanand J, Harish Kumar
Conducted by: J Ramanand
Flavour: General

Attended by ~30 teams

Format: Written elims of 25 questions. Finals (2*10 questions on IR (with One-finite Pounce per half) and one written round on sobriquets (5 qns)

1st: Saikat Sarkar and Kshitij Jyoti (AFMC): 120 pts (19/6* in prelims)
2nd: Suraj Prabhu (FC) and Aniketh Rallabhandi (SCOE): 95 pts (19/4*)
Jt 3rd: Rohan Danait and Vibhav Bhave (COEP): 70 pts (17)
Jt 3rd: Nirmoho Banerjee and Samridh Kapur (AIT): 70 pts (16)
5th: Debopriyo Moulik (ILS) and Pranav Pawar (MESCOE): 50 pts (16)

Five teams were included in the finals instead of the four previously advertised because of a almost-dead tie between the 4th and 5th teams to qualify.

The One-finite Pounce system: teams are allowed to 'pounce' on questions in a half for +10 and no negatives. But if they get a pounce attempt wrong, they forfeit the chance to pounce for the rest of the round.

The top two teams will now go through directly to the Conundrums semi finals at Mood Indigo in Dec. 2013. 

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Announcement: Conundrums - the Mood Indigo General Quiz - Pune round

What: Conundrums is the Mood Indigo (IIT Bombay) General Quiz. Two preliminary rounds are being organised in Pune and Chennai, ahead of the preliminary, semis, and finals in Mumbai in December

Who is this for: College students in Pune

What's at stake: The Pune prelims give two teams a direct entry into the semi final stage in December. You don't have to fight the large number of competitive teams
in the Mumbai prelims for a place in the semis. And if you don't qualify here, you can always go to Mumbai for one more attempt.

The General Quiz final during Mood Indigo has cash prizes worth Rs. 30,000/-

When: the Pune round will be held on 12 Oct (Sat) at 2 pm

Where: COEP (hall to be confirmed)

What's the format:
there will be a 25 question written prelim, followed by a stage final for the top 4 teams. 2 teams will make it to the semis.

Who is setting/conducting the quiz: Ramanand & Harish are setting. Ramanand will conduct.

What do I do next: Register at -> Literary Arts -> Omniscience -> Registration.

Contact: Atharva Kelkar <> for any help or clarifications.

Monday, October 07, 2013

Quizowski! (BCQC October Open) - Report

Set and Conducted by Abhishek "_logik" Upadhya, Maitreyi "mitt" Gupta, and V "Venkat" Cat.

Flavour: General

Attended by: about 10 teams

Format: Elims 30 qs, Finals 15 (IR + infinite pounce) + 6 (Mind of a quizzer round) + 15 (IR + infinite pounce) = 36 qs
Elims highest: J. Ramanand & Samridh Kapur - 19.5

Elims cut-off : 9 (7 for draft)


1st: J. Ramanand, Samridh Kapur, Avaneendra Bhargava (draft) - 140

2nd: Kunal Sawardekar (left halfway), Suraj Prabhu, Dinesh (draft) & Mayuri (draft) - 120

3rd: Anurakshat Gupta & Kshitij Jyoti - 115

4th: Aditya Pawar, Ayush Agrawal, Anubhav Chatterjee (draft) - 90

5th: Alok Singh, Daipayan Roy, Neil Sarkar (draft) - 60

6th: Saahil Singh, Kiran Sai(?), Vivek Dubey + 1 - 40

Despite the lack of glaciers, this was an excellent quiz. I particularly enjoyed the prelims: wide variety of topics, interestingly framed, and trademark good-bad-useful puns from Abhishek. Once again, given the number of participants, everybody was pooled into the finals. The finals too had several interesting questions and topics (there is an embargo on discussing specifics as Abhishek may run this quiz at KQA later).

The middle specialities round was a bit of an inconsistent set, and clearly betrayed its 4 am origins. There was the odd confusion at some points of the quiz. But overall, the quiz gets a "laal salaam". The only issue: the absence of VCat from most of the finals, which left many in the audience disappointed.

Sunday, October 06, 2013

BCQC October Open Quizzes 2013: "M" - Music, Military and More Report

Set and Conducted by: Ayush Agrawal

30 written questions on Music, the Military and some other topics whose names begin with the thirteenth letter of the alphabet.

1st: Abhishek Upadhya and Kunal Sawardekar - 23.5 pts
Jt. 2nd: Samridh Kapur and Aditya Pawar - 17 pts
Jt. 2nd: Anurakshat Gupta and Kshitij Jyoti - 17 pts

A very enjoyable start to the quizzing day. I especially liked the military section of the quiz (as much of a shock that may be to many of you) which, in spite of an audience with quite a bit of exposure to the military milieu, educated as well as entertained us. The other "M"s were a teensy-weensy bit on the easy side but also enjoyable and workable. My one crib was with the multiple-answer questions - but those seem to have become a cultural phenomenon as ubiquitous and irrepressible (no matter how much one tries to repress it) as twerking.

Got something to say / add? Please feel free to have a go in the comments.