Sunday, January 31, 2021

InFestYouUs 2021 | InFest 2021


                          InFestYouUs, the flagship event of the annual InFest, is a Mastermind-style quiz in which participants choose a specialized topic on which they are asked ten questions. They play against everyone else, who collectively form the 'Mob'. The participant gets +1 per correct answer, and -0.5 for every answer they pass/get incorrect and the Mob answers correctly.

                          This year we had the biggest line-up yet: 40 sets were conducted all in all. With a consistent number of at least 50 audience members via the Zoom call, this was surely one of the most well-attended online quiz events so far.

                          There were two winners of InFestYouUs 2021 this year. At 9/10 were Ranajeet Soman (Real Madrid La Liga Winning Coaches set by Yash Marathe) and Samanth S (The Jeeves and Wooster Stories set by J. Ramanand). Both showed uncanny mastery of their topics with Ranajeet showing his football prowess on the field of sports quizzing again. Samanth’s thorough reading of the beloved P G Wodehouse series was marvellous, to say the least. The Mob scored no points in their sets. Close behind them was Arnold D’Souza who had taken a sports set too (Test Cricket Captains set by Aniket Khasgiwale). He also scored 9, but the Mob stole half points from him like rowdy Australian fans for a total of 8.5. A shout-out of course goes to participants at 8 points. These are Naman Jain (Forts in Pune District set by Avaneendra Bhargav) and Sania Narulkar (Indian Handlooms set by Jayshree Mohanka). The Mob did not score anything in either sets. Major Chandrakant Nair’s Infectious Diseases set was acclaimed as one of the Best InFestYouUs Sets.

                        A special mention must be given for participants and quiz masters from Europe, Australia and America who participated despite their diurnal cycles.

                        A sincere thank you to all the quiz-setters for setting such brilliant sets for InFestYouUs. Heartfelt thanks to all the setters who could actually take their sets, the participants for showing up and the awesome Mob. We would also like to thank Eric Yuan and Zoom Video Communications for their cloud-based peer-to-peer video conferencing software platform, Zoom, which enabled this fest. Cheers until next year!

 Top 10 Scores:

Report by: Omkar Dhakephalkar

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Report - The Visuals Quiz at Infest 2021

Quiz : The Visuals Quiz  

Day, Date, Time : Sunday, 10th January 2021, 2pm

Venue : The quiz was conducted over Zoom

Format : Elims (35 questions) + Finals (40 IR + 6 written)

QMs : Aditya Gadre, Omkar Dhakephalkar, Ranajeet Soman, Kunal Sawardekar and Pranav Pawar

Scores :

1. Sumant Srivathsan, Yash Tamaskar, Navin Sharma (We Are Googling) - 345 points

2. Rajiv Rai, Vinoo Sanjay, Srinath Bhashyam (WIMWI Manram) - 290 points

3. Aryapriya Ganguly, Rahul Kottalgi, Amrit Pritam Chetia (Aardvarks) - 265 points

4. Jayashree Mohanka, Sania Narulkar, Prithwish Dutta (Is There A Bigger Picture) - 250 points

5. Ritoban, Amlan, Arijit (Khela Hobe Na) - 245 points

6. Varun Rajiv, Bhargava EM, Santosh Swaminathan (Metaquizziks) - 230 points

6. Samanth Subramaniam, Ravi Mundoli, Ashwin Kumar (Aila Jacta Est) - 230 points

8. Chandrakant Nair, Hrishikesh Verma, Jinson (CIDs From Kerala) - 220 points

Report :

The BCQC, much like Simone de Beauvoir, had to adapt to the Force of Circumstance and move the annual Infest to the realms of online quizzing over Zoom and contend with the many perils it entails. Every year the quiz festival has themed quizzes to go along with the much sought-after InFestYouUs. This year, the Theme was kept general but the Medium was changed to visuals to lessen keywords that lead one down the path of Temptation.

We had 75 participants taking part in a closely fought elimination round. The elims were topped by WIMWI Manram with a whopping 32.5 out of 35. The cut-off was 26.5 and it came down to star-marked questions to eliminate the 9th team. 

The finals, which had Infinite Pounce facilitated through the auspices of Whatsapp, were conducted with 2 rounds of 20 questions on Infinite Rebound along with 2 written rounds. The audaciously named We Are Googling comprising of Sumant, Yash and Navin led pretty much from the first question and never looked like being overtaken at any point in the quiz. 

For the other podium positions, however, it was as unsure as the plot of A Suitable Boy, where the teams' standings could be likened to the suitors' fortunes in the race for Lata's affections - constantly changing. There were some contentious moments, where conceptual clarity was evinced by the teams but they sadly could not provide the Proper Noun which would have earned them the points. Overall, the quiz was conducted in an atmosphere of good humour and appreciative sounds with a healthy audience of 50 sticking around till the end.

Just like Cristiano Ronaldo knew that Manchester United had been great but he would have to move to Real Madrid to achieve greater things, the BCQC knows that although the online nature of the quiz enabled pan-India participation and greater outreach, the better experience will be gathering in person in the balmy January mornings of Pune for a weekend of competition, banter, lazy lunches and the pursuit of Happiness.

We hope to see you there.