Tuesday, March 21, 2006

March Open Quiz


1st: Kunal Sawardekar and Niranjan Pedanekar
2nd: Shamanth Rao and Abhishek Nagaraj
3rd: Ganesh Hegde and J. Ramanand
Other Finalists: Shivaji Marella+Siddharth Natarajan, Sudarshan Purohit+Salil Bijur, Meghashyam Shirodkar+Aniruddha Kasbekar

* Good quiz overall - several new areas explored
* Good coverage of sports and films, reflecting interests of the question setters :-)
* Some questions were a little too easy, IMO (none came to us - grrr!- except one, which we thought was too easy and hence got bowled through the gate)
* Techno-problems could have been avoided
* Thanks to the organisers for the prizes and the chocolates
* Some newer people spotted participating, including some kids who went on to smash the tough sports questions down the baseline.
* As Niranjan already commented, they won narrowly (by 5 points) "thanks to an answer by Kunal that ran 'sub-commandante marcos of EZNL' :-)"
* We have had six quizzes so far since May last year - every time, the winner has either been Niranjan or Kunal S. In fact, Kunal has won the last four in a row and plus he's having a terrific year (blame it on "final year luck" :-) ) - well done!
* The next open quiz will be in May, by Niranjan
* Apologies to Dominique Lapierre for polishing him off :-)

Others please comment...

Date and Time: 26 March, Sunday from 12:00 pm
Organised and Conducted by Vibhendu Tiwari and Anand Sivashankar
Venue: Dewang Mehta Auditorium, Bhageerath, Persistent Systems Pvt. Ltd., Pune
Flavour: General
Team Size: Two per team

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


- COEP Fervor(sic) Technical Quiz

Organized By :

Kapeesh Saraf, Aseem Deodhar, Kunal

Results :

1. Siddharth and Anupam(VIT)
2. Kunal T and Rashmi (VIT)
3. Kunal S and Arnold (FC + VIT)
4. Abhishek and Vineet (COEP)
5. Akshay Adya and Anay (COEP)
6. Sushant and Neeraj. (COEP)

Comments :

A tech-trivia quiz, with some funda based questions. Overall decent stuff.
Junta who attended, pls put more comments.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Fervor quiz

Me and a few friends are conducting a technical quiz as part of Fervor 2006. Details follow-

Date- Saturday, 11th March 2006.
Time- 10.30 a.m.
Venue-College of Engg., Shivajinagar, Pune.
Dept. of Mechanical engg.
Room no. 11 (tentatively)

Rules-Teams of two.
Only those with a valid college I-card will be allowed to participate.
Cross college teams allowed.
No registration fees.

You can also visit the Fervor website for more details about the event.
Amazing prizes to be won.

So if you (like me) are one of the generally jobless people who go to quizzes and love trivia, then make sure to be there. Okay, okay... be there even if you're one of the extremely busy and intellectually advanced souls for whom knowledge is an eternal pursuit and quizzing a religion and all that jazz... Or be there just because I'm asking you to come. But be there.

This also happens to be my maiden attempt at being a quiz master, so YT is truly excited at the prospects of all the brickbats he is likely to recieve. A few bouquets would surely help ;-)

- Kapeesh