Monday, February 15, 2016

Shyam Bhatt Open Quiz 2016 - Report

Shyam Bhatt Open Quiz 2016

Set by J Ramanand, BV Harish Kumar and the Choose to Thinq team

Conducted by J Ramanand (with a little help from Deven Deshpande)

1st: Shrirang Raddi and Aditya Gadre :185 pts
2nd: Abhinav Dasgupta and Shubhankar Gokhale: 145 pts
3rd: Balakrishnan satyam and Rahul Kottalgi: 140 pts
4th: Omkar Dhakephalkar and Pranav Pawar: 100 pts
5th: Meghashyam Shirodkar and Varun Suresh: 75 pts
6th: Anurakshat Gupta and Kaushik Chatterji: 65 pts
7th: Rohan Danait and Anand: 60 pts
8th: Aman Sheikh and Divij Ghosh: 40 pts

The 30th edition of the oldest quiz in Pune, started with a 30 question elim, divided into three sections of quicks (short questions), deliberates (longer questions) and two pointers (well, two parts per question for a point each). Overall I liked the elim for the fundaes it covered, but felt it was a bit too tough. The cut off was 14/35 and the top score was 22/35. On the content, my general feeling was that a lot of the questions had a good hook, but gave one clue too less and the teams were left with too many legit guesses (not a good situation to be in for an elims IMO)

The finals were a very crisp set of 30 questions on Infinite Rebounds with JR's now-standard Chetan pounce system - 3 mistakes and you're out. The double deterrent of a minus 10 for a wrong answer + losing a pounce, coupled with typically complex but well framed questions and BDFL* using a firm consistent approach in dealing with split points as well as vague answers meant we saw almost no pounces in the final. I particularly liked the written round with their little gimmicks - especially the magic square and not-so-obvious theme at the end.

On the content of the finals - the questions were well framed - crisp and clear on what was expected as an answer. The quiz covered a lot of accessible areas for the audience which is always desirable.

A couple of negatives for me were the undue importance given to social media - with 2 questions in the elims and a whole round on emojis in the final. Also the general lack of balance in the finals - almost no sports questions for example. Like the elims - a few questions had a good hook, but gave too few clues and thus became completely know-it-or-you-dont.

Overall, it was a fine quiz, and BDFL was a masterclass in keeping control of a quiz  without resorting to rudeness or shouting. Teams trying to do maaz were comfortably out-maaz'd by BDFL

Team E (Shrirang and Gadre) topped the elims and led from start to finish in the finals. Team G (Meghashyam and Varun) started strongly but fell away after the written round. Team H (Bala and RSK) seemed to be well on course for second place - but Team C (Shubhankar and Abhinav) pulled off a remarkable late surge to leapfrog both Team B(Omkar and Pranav) and Team H into second place.

A shoutout to Omkar, Pranav, Aman and Divij - the all college teams on stage for a great performance. One hopes to see them qualify and win opens in the future.

* For infidels who don't know - Ramanand is BDFL