Sunday, June 05, 2011

WQC Pune 2011 round - results

Organised by: IQA
Conducted in Pune by: Amit Patil (many thanks!)
Venue: COEP

Number of participants: 17
Local Results - the 'worst' section score in brackets:
1st: Kunal Sawardekar: 101 (+7)
2nd: Ramanand: 98 (+6)
3rd: Suraj Menon: 89 (+5)
4th: Salil: 85 (+5)

Section winners:

Entertainment: Kunal, Mihir, Shivam Sharma (7 :-))
Culture: Kunal (11)
Lifestyle: Suraj (21)
Science: Kunal (16)
History: Kunal (21)
Media: Suraj, Ramanand (18)
Sports: Salil, Suraj (11)
World: Kunal (17)

For more: keep an eye on this link.
Bombay results here.
Bangalore results here.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

World Quizzing Championships 2011 - Pune

Important Update (posted 3 Jun)

The location has changed - it will be held at Room No.13, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering , COEP (It is close to the Boat Club, and not on the Seminar Hall side).

Reporting time remains 3:30 pm. The schedule is: Paper 1 from 4 to 5, then Paper one checking & scores, Paper 2 commences, followed by final scores.

This is a solo written competition consisting of 8 sections (of 30 qns each) to be solved in 2 hours.

Date: 4th June 2010 (Saturday)

Saturday, June 4 · 4:00pm - 6:00pm (Report by 3:30 pm)
Location: Room no. 6 , Seminar hall 2 , College Of Engineering , Pune [Near the Library and Gymkhana]
Local coordinator: Amit Patil
Registration: Free, but mandatory to ensure your seat. Since the no. of registrations will be used to print answer sheets, and only a handful of extra answer sheets will be available for "on the spot" registrations, book early to confirm your seat.
To register, write to Amit at

For the quiz format, visit this link.

Important Note
An earlier registration notice had mistakenly pointed to a Google sheet meant only for Bombay participants. If you plan to take the quiz from Pune and have entered your name in that sheet, please write to Amit and let him know.