Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Landmark Quiz, Pune, 2012


When: 3 March, 3 pm
Where: Dhanvantari Auditorium, AFMC, Off Solapur Road, Pune

* Landmark Events FB page
* Online registration page.

VIT Quiz-O-Mania 2012 Results

Date: 25 February 2012
Venue: VIT, Pune
Theme: General
Set by: Sameer Deshpande, J. Ramanand, Suraj Menon, Salil Bijur. Siddharth Dani, Ganesh Hegde, Arnab Pal, Yash Marathe, Bharat Marathe, Kunal Thakar, Anupam Akolkar (Let me know if I'm missing anyone out here)
QM: Sameer Deshpande
(Format: Dry IR + Amul Ad round + ABCDE round)
1st: Shubhankar Gokhale and Abhinav Dasgupta
2nd: Avaneendra Bhargav and Kunal Sawardekar
3rd: Ranajeet Soman and Rohan Jain
5th: Samrat Sengupta + 1
(I couldn't catch the names of the members of teams 4 and 6 and Samrat Sir's teammate. Let me know in the comments and I'll be happy to update)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

VIT's Quiz-o-mania 2012

Sent in by Maitreyi:

Quiz-o-mania, VIT's annual open general quiz is happening this Saturday. Details below.

Date: 25-02-2012, Saturday
Venue: Auditorium, VIT, Pune (map)
Reporting time 10am. 
Elims start at 10.30 sharp. Will be over before lunch. 
Flavour: general
Open to all. 
Teams of 2
Registration fee: Rs. 100 per team. 
Registration can be done online on or on-the-spot

Quiz-master: Varun Afzulpurkar +91-76668-61110 (

Monday, February 20, 2012

AFMC Open Quizzes (Shyam Bhatt & Sports) - reports

Shyam Bhatt Memorial Quiz
Date: 19 Feb, 2011
Venue: AFMC, Pune
Set and conducted by: Major Chandrakant Nair
Theme: General

Quiz Final Results
Format: 6 rounds (2 dry+IR, Photo round, Visual Connects, Connects, Differential scoring)

1st: Anand Sivashankar + Anannya Deb (8)
2nd: Suraj Menon + Avaneendra Bhargav (1)
3rd: Vikram Joshi + J. Ramanand (3)

Other finalists: Suraj Prabhu +1 (FC, 4), Meghashyam + Rohan Jain (5), Arun Warrier +1 (NIT calicut, 6) , Nazar Hafiz +1 (KMC Manipal, 7)

Silhouettes Sports Quiz
Date: 19 Feb, 2011
Venue: AFMC, Pune
Set and conducted by: Major Chandrakant Nair
Theme: Sports

Quiz Final Results

1st: Anand Sivashankar + Anannya Deb
2nd: Suraj Menon + Avaneendra Bhargav
3rd - Atul V Nath and Arun Warrier
4th - Ranajeet Soman and Sameer Deshpande
5th - ??
6th - Hitesh Mahato and Finehas Pinto

Got something to say/contribute? Write it in the 'comments' section here.

General B.C.Joshi Memorial Quiz 2012 - Results

Partial Results based on hearsay

Date: 18 Feb, 2011
Venue: Army Institute of Technology, Pune
Set and conducted by: Meghashyam Shirodkar
Theme: General

Quiz Final Results

1st: Suraj Menon + Avaneendra Bhargav
2nd: Shubhankar Gokhale + Abhinav Dasgupta
3rd: Srinath + Kunal S
4th: Anand Sivashankar + Anannya Deb
5th: Ranajeet Soman + Rohan Jain
6th: Vikram Joshi + Harish Kumar


Looking for the rest of the details. Crowdsourcing this.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

COEP Quiztronomy 2012 - Report

Report by the COEP Astronomy Club:

The CoEP Astronomy club in association with the Boat Club Quiz Club conducted Quiztronomy – the annual astronomy themed quiz. It includes all aspects of astronomy, it’s fiction, it’s mythology. Held in the CoEP campus, this quiz sees a wide participation from different schools and colleges in Pune.

The quiz took place on 4th February, 2012 and received a good response. Around 40 teams participated which had to crack a set of 25 questions for the elimination round. Based on this, 6 teams made it to the final. The final round comprised of 36 questions all on varied topics related to astronomy and astrophysics.

Prizes worth Rs.15,000 were awarded to the winners and finalists. The first prize winners - Omkar Moghe and Swapnil Phulse of CoEP – received trophies along with cash prize of Rs. 2000 and Landmark vouchers worth Rs. 3000. The Symbiosis school, which had the maximum participation, was given the Best Contingent Award and was given vouchers worth Rs. 500. The audience was also made a part of the quiz. Questions were directed to the members in the audience and prizes were given out for every correct attempt.

The event was hosted by Gautam Akiwate, Payas Awadhutkar and Omkar Yarguddi – members of the CoEP Astronomy Club. Dr. S.T. Vagge , Dean, Student Activities , graced the occasion with his presence. The quiz was highly appreciated by the participants and the club members.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

"Symbhav '12" : 5 Symbiosis Law School Quizzes

Announcement from SLS quizzers:
The Symbiosis Law School Quiz Club with the support of its alumni will be organizing a set of 5 quizzes as part of its Cultural fest- Symbhav'12!

Attractive prizes to be won. Be part of the Quizzing Extravaganza!

The quizzes are as follows –
1) Bharat Ek Khoj - India Quiz
Date – 24 February 2012 (Friday)
Venue –SLS Classrooms
Time – Eliminations Followed by Finals– 10:00 am till 01:00 pm

2) Jigyasa – General Quiz
Date – 24 February 2012 (Friday)
Venue – SLS Auditorium
Time – Eliminations Followed by Finals– 03:30 pm till 6:30 pm

3) Shantanu Tomar Memorial Quiz on Law, Politics, Economics and International Affairs
Date – 25 February 2012
Venue – SLS Classroom
Time – Eliminations Followed by Finals– 10:30 am till 1:30 pm

4) Quizzine – Music, Entertainment, Literature, Arts, and Sports (MELAS) Quiz
Date – 25 February 2012
Venue – SLS Classroom
Time – Eliminations Followed by Finals– 03:00 pm till 6:00 pm

1st – Rs. 7,000
2nd – Rs. 5,000
3rd – Rs. 3,000
4th-6th - Vouchers and other attractive coupons.
(Prizes are subject to change upon finalization.)

Rules and Regulations for the above mentioned four Quizzes–
• Two Members per Team (Open to COLLEGES and SCHOOLS only)
• On the Spot-Registration
• Cross- College Teams Allowed
• Top Six Teams in the Finals

5) Biz Ipsa Loquitor – College and Corporate Tech-Business Quiz
Date – 26 February 2012
Venue – SLS Auditorium
Time – Eliminations Followed by Finals– 12:30 pm till 2:30 pm

1st – Rs. 20,000
2nd – Rs. 10,000
3rd – Rs. 5,000
4th - 6th places - Rs 1,000
(Prizes are subject to change upon finalization.)

Rules and Regulations –
• Two Members per Team (College and Corporate Teams Allowed)
• On the Spot Registration
• Cross- College and Cross-Corporate Teams Allowed (A College-Corporate Team Would be Considered a Corporate Team for the Qualification Purposes)
• Top 3 College Teams and Top 3 Corporate Teams Make it to the Finals

For Specific Queries, Please Contact-
Raghav Chakravarthy N.C (+91 99700 30327)
Sachin Ravi (+91 99700 30327)
Shruttima Ehersa (+91 97626 89557)

Monday, February 06, 2012

AFMC: Silhouettes and Shyam Bhatt Memorial Quiz 2012

From Hitesh's post on the BCQC Facebook Group

The Debating &  Quizzing Society,AFMC presents a series of 4 quizzes-(2 open &; 2 college quizzes) on the 19th-20th Feb as part of its annual fest-SILHOUETTES...

---19th Feb,SUNDAY

Flavour-OPEN sports quiz
QM: Chandrakant Nair
Time:9:45 am

Flavour-OPEN general Quiz
QM: Chandrakant Nair
Time:2:00 pm
Prizes:7000|5000|3000|best college team|best school team|vouchers

---20th Feb,MONDAY

Flavour- all things Indian
QM: Hitesh Mahato
College only quiz,cross-college/PG teams allowed
Time-9:45 a.m.

Quiz set & conducted by:The team of(Kshitij Jyoti,Saikat Sarkar ,Kamesh gupta,Mridul Janweja)
College only quiz,cross-college/PG teams allowed
Time-2:00 p.m.

VENUE for all quizzes:NEW LECTURE HALL complex(NLH),AFMC
(REG FEES:OPEN teams=100,College teams=50,School teams=nil)
Teams of two for all quizzes...

See you there folks :)

Saturday, February 04, 2012

SCIT BIZ QU!Z results

Report by Avaneendra

1. Debanjan Bose and Bhupinder Singh (SIMC) - 105 pts
2. Aayush Kharbanda + 1 (Matrix Business School) - 95 pts
3. Nithin Santosh and Kurien George (SCMHRD) - 65 pts
4. Varun Sreedharan + Sandip Kota (SCIT) - 40 pts
5. Kumar Saurabh and V. Nivesh (BIMHRD) - 40 pts
6. Sudarshan Kabra + Sachidanand Bhat (SCIT) - 15 pts

Quiz Master: Nikhil Motlag
Questions Set By: Avaneendra Bhargav

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

General B.C.Joshi Memorial Quiz 2012

Announcement by Meghashyam

Army Institute of Technology, Pune presents:

'General B.C.Joshi Memorial Quiz' - An Open General Quiz
Day: Saturday, February 18, 2012 | Time: 10.30 AM | Teams of 2
Venue: AIT Campus, Dighi Hills, Alandi Road, Pune, India 411015
Cash Prizes worth >Rs. 28,000/-; loads of Audience Prizes!!

Research & Content: | QuizMeister: Meghashyam Shirodkar

(Organisers have arranged for a Bus Pick-up & Drop facility from Pune on the day of the event)

"Quiztronomy 2012" - COEP Astronomy Quiz

Announcement sent in by Aadinath

The CoEP Astronomy Club is hosting a one-of-a-kind event on the quizzing calendar. Quiztronomy is an astronomy themed quiz. You do not have to be an astronomy enthusiast to participate.

The quiz will consist of written prelims, followed by a six team final.

Prizes: All finalists will receive prizes and certificates; Winners will also receive a trophy each. The school/college contingent with the best performance will receive a "Best Contingent” trophy. This year, we will be awarding prizes worth a total of Rs.15,000/-(inclusive of vouchers)

Date: 4th February, 2012 (Saturday)
Time: 10: 30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. (reporting time: 10 a.m.)
Venue: Main Auditorium, College of Engineering, Pune – 5
Flavour: Astronomy- for everyone
Team: Two members per team; Teammates can be from different classes and cross school/college
You can send in your names and contact details via Email to
There is no registration fee. All participants must carry valid institute I-Cards.

Other Activities:
Telescope familiarization session will immediately follow the quiz.

Please forward this info to anyone who may be interested and feel free to write in case of any more queries/ clarifications.