Sunday, February 21, 2010

AIT General Quiz

A general quiz is being organized on 13th March (Saturday) at the Army Institute of Technology, Dighi Hills, Alandi Road, Pune.

Registration: Rs 60 for a team of two. On spot registrations available on confirmation by sms or email.
Directions to get to AIT: Catch a direct bus to Alandi from Pune railway station or Mahanagar Palika or from anywhere. It drops you directly in front of the college gate.
Eligibility: This is a college students only quiz. Intercollege teams allowed.
Prizes: 4000 for the first, 2000 for the second and for third its 1000. These may increase in the future but surely wont decrease.
Timing: 10-30 a.m. onwards
Contact: Prashant Tomar (9823694984) and Ayush Agarwal (9823438132)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Shyam Bhatt Memorial Quiz 2010

Date: 16 Feb 2010

Set & Conducted by:: Hitesh Mahato (Elims) and Lt. Col. Nikhil Moorchung (Finals)

1st: Team C - Meghashyam Shirodkar and Salil Bijur - 130pts
2nd: Team F - Venkat Srinavasan and Rohan Jain - 90pts
3rd: Team E - Suvajit Chakraborty and Yash Marathe - 85pts
Joint 4th: Team A - Abhinav Raina and Salil Jena (AFMC) - 80pts
Joint 4th: Team B - Abhishek and Krishna (AFMC) - 80pts
6th: Team D - Abhilash and Anirudh (Kasturba Medical College, Manipal)

Format: 25 questions elims on slides; 60 questions Finals (IR with round reversal after 30)

The quiz began on time with an alumnus of AFMC paying a small tribute to his batchmate Shyam Bhatt whom the annual quiz is named after. Elims were set and conducted completely by students while the finals were by an AFMC faculty member Lt. Col. Moorchung. Questions were nice although the finals seemed to be on the easier side with many chestnuts.

Most teams were neck-to-neck half way through. After the round reversal, Team C surged ahead above others. Towards the end, Team F (Venkat and Rohan) made a stunning comeback from 5th place to 2nd cracking all 4 questions that came their way. The 2 AFMC teams A and B were found to be tied at 3rd place at 80 points. Just before the tie-breaker, it was found that the last finals question was yet to be asked. Team F had answered the last one, so it was a direct for Team E which cracked it and joined A and B at 80 points. A close tie-breaker round of 3 questions happened and Team E won ending at 3rd place.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Axlerate - Open Quiz at MIT, Pune

Axelerate - a general quiz is to be held on the 20th of Feb at Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Pune.

Team of 2
Registration on the spot will be available
Time: 11.00 am

1st Prize Rs 10,000.
2nd Prize Rs 6,000.
3rd Prize Rs 4,000.

Rohan Jain - +91 98811 60507
Bharat Marathe - +91 98608 22888