Friday, April 29, 2005

Pune Quizzing League - Do we have a framework?

[Post by Abhishek]

This is a reworked article about the long simmering idea for a Quizzing League system. I thought I would get the discussion started by putting up a preliminary framework.

Points System

This is the most important part. Points to be considered are:

1. Are points to be given for Elims performances? (even to non-finalists)
2. If yes, then how will they compare to finals points?
3. Generally accepted idea that points scored in finals directly added to total. (?)
4. Are bonus points to be given for 1st 2nd 3rd in Finals/Elims?
5. Resolution of ties?

Following are my suggestions:

1. Elims marks will be considered for all those who have half the cut-off marks. Points = Elims score/Topper x 50. i.e. elims toppers get 50 points.
2. Points in Finals directly added via a percentile system. i.e. winning team gets 100. Rest get score/topper X 100.
3. Since the points are via a percentile system I don't think a bonus giving system is necessary.
4. Finally same points will be given for team members with records being maintained for individuals.

Basic Duties

Following points will have to be taken care of:

1. Drawing up a list of participating quizzes, ensuring their standard, dates etc (one time)
2. Collecting individual scores of participants (repeated)
3. Tabulating scores and documenting results. (repeated)
4. Rating quizzes / Deciding best quiz / Best Quizmaster (necessary?) (repeated)

Points to be considered : 1. Is it necessary to have a regulatory body?
2. If yes then how many members, their roles, their number ?
3. If no, then solution to solve the problems of performing 'basic duties' ?

My suggestions:

1. I think it is necessary to have a regulatory body. No of members - 3.
2. Roles -1 Scorer,1 Assessment In-charge. 1 Internet Co-ordinator.

Scorer - Ensuring collection of all the points of the members, Deciding final scoring patterns and settling disputes
Assessment In-charge - Rating quizzes, Ensuring quality etc./ backup for other two
Internet in-charge - Running message board, publicizing monthly updates, sending notices etc.

3. For deciding the best Quiz, QM there will be a general vote at the end of the season whose details can be discussed at a later time.

Other Ideas to Consider

1. A system of relegation of 1 quiz due to low standard and elevation of 1 due to good effort
2. A season ending BCQC organized Quizzing Extravaganza. Maybe a daylong quiz event.
3. Maybe making 'InFest' an official BCQC quiz event, with prizes and teams from other cities.

1. Is membership free ?
2. Are there monetary rewards for Best Quiz, Best QM , Best Quizzer?
3. Do participating quizzes make any monetary contribution ?
4. If no, then what about finances for season ending quiz and prizes?

My suggestion:

Membership will have a nominal fee of say Rs:50 to discourage floaters. Also participating quizzes will have to give a certain participating fee say 500 Rs. This will ensure some prize money for the 3 prizes. Also for the issue of BCQC quizzing event will have to be organized like any other normal event with funding from sponsors.

In all weaving existing quizzes in to a framework is not as difficult as it seems. It just the cohesive efforts of a group and i think BCQC should take up the mantle of taking Pune Quizzing forward.

:: Abhishek Nagaraj

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

PiQue 2005

I guess most of the day's participants are busy preparing for their exams, so it falls on me to record the results and leave the floor open for reviews.


1st: Kunal Sawardekar & Ganesh Hegde
2nd: Anand Sivashankar & Vibhendu Tiwari
3rd: Niranjan Pedanekar + 1
Also: Salil Bijur & Siddharth Dani, Gaurav Sabnis & Sarika Chuni and Sudarshan Purohit & Srihari Suthamally

Organised by J. Ramanand & other Persistent quizzers


Got some feedback from Niranjan, Gaurav, Sud, Sarika & Harish. If you have any comments, please use the commenting boxes.

From my part, the disappointing feature was the abbreviated nature of the finals, with barely more questions than in the elims. Also, a few repeats in the elims. Only 4 out of the 44 qns were unanswered with all teams putting on a good show and providing great answers.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

B.C. Joshi Memorial Quiz and Owl in the Bowl

Army Institute of Technology conducted its annual open quiz Gen. B.C. Joshi Memorial Quiz and its solo quiz Owl-In-The-Bowl on 27th March 2005 in the Persistent Systems Auditorium.

Owl-in-the-Bowl Results:-

1st: Shivaji Marella (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy)

2nd: Salil Bijur (Life & Works of Jeffrey Archer)

Also: Gaurav Sabnis (PMs of India), J Ramanand (James Bond), Ganesh Hegde (Presidents of USA), Sanket Srivastav (Garfield)

B.C. Joshi Quiz Results:-

1st: Shivaji Marella & Abhishek Nagaraj (BJMC & COEP)

2nd: Kunal Sawardekar & Salil Bijur (FC & VIT)

Joint 3rd: Amit Garde & Hareeth Sridhar (PSPL), J. Ramanand & B.V. Harish Kumar (PSPL & Infosys), Gaurav Sabnis & Sarika Chuni (IBM & Times of India), Meghashyam Shirodkar & Ganesh Hegde (EXL & VIT)

(Apologies for the extreme delay in putting up this post, which was due to the inability of any of the contributors to write a satisfactory report. Since no one has come up with a report yet, we request you to put up your opinions/observations of the quiz in the Blogger comments.)

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

"PiQue" 2005

"PiQue", an open quiz organised by Persistent Systems, Pune


* General Open quiz
* Two member teams
* No restrictions on age or affiliation
* Venue: Dewang Mehta Auditorium, Bhageerath, Persistent Systems Pvt. Ltd.
* Date & Reporting Time: 10:30 am on Saturday, 9th of April, 2005
* Contact: 25678900 ext 2366 (Ramanand), 25653900 ext 3517 (Amit Garde)
* No registration fees
* Prizes for all finalists
* Audience Prizes

Directions to Venue:

"Bhageerath" is the corporate headquarters of Persistent. It is situated on Senapati Bapat Road, next to the under-construction ICC Towers and Sigma House, and behind (the road-facing) Domino's Pizza