Tuesday, November 24, 2015

BC InFest 2016 - Announcement

Presenting the BCQC's more-or-less annual more-or-less quizzing anti-fest: The BC InFest also known as BCQC.orgy!
InFest 2016 will take place on the 16th and 17th of January at the Boat Club, COEP.
For those who have no clue about InFest (i.e. all but 6 of the people reading this) - its this thing where we organize a lot of fun stuff over one weekend - some great QMs will be conducting interesting quizzes AND we have InFestYouUs

InFestYouUs is one of our main events at InFest.  It is a mastermind style event to crown the person who has the least amount of work to do in real life and can win a quiz in his topic of specialisation against a mob of quizzers. 
This time we will be running a shorter, version of InFestYouUs which will take place on Saturday,16th Jan, 2016 at 10am.
The format is as follows:
Each person chooses a topic of their interest. The taker would be asked 10 questions. The taker will be awarded 1 point for getting a question right. If missed, the question would go to the "Mob" i.e. everyone else present. The Mob is not allowed to discuss among themselves, and must decide who among them would go for the answer if the answer given by the participant is wrong. If the chosen one is right, the taker loses 1/2 a point. If not, the confident chosen one will get beaten up by the rest of the Mob.
So if you are interested, this is the course of action:
- Fill up this form ( http://bit.ly/1y9FfB7 ) and tell us your name and your topics of choice.Please ensure that all fields are filled in - if we can't contact you, your registration does not exist.
- The deadline for registration is 27th November 2015 (We need to give enough time to people to set questions for you)
The largely autocratic BCCI-esque IOC (InFest Organizing Committee) will be picking the best 15 topics. Topics will be judged on:
- Interesting-ness
- Not done-to-death-ness
- Fun-ness (for the general public attending)
- Willingness of someone to set questions for the topic
Indicative list of topics that will certainly be rejected are World Cup Cricket, World Cup football, Asterix, Tintin, Friends, Douglas Adams, Big bang theory, Oscars etc
Topics that have featured before in past editions: Indian Beauty Queens, NSFW, English Monarchy, World Chess Championship, History of Israel, Cultural references in xkcd, Indian train names, Detectives in fiction, Hindustani Classical music, The Discworld series, Indian Women Politicians, Gulzar with Vishal, Indo-Pak wars, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Life and times of Shivaji etc
If you have any queries, mail us at <thebcqc@gmail.com>