Friday, September 11, 2015

BCQC September Open Quizzes Report

Quiz 1: Pop Culture Quiz by Kunal Sawardekar

Format: Written quiz with 26 questions. Every question carried 2 points. Teams had the option of pouncing on questions by "staring" them. The scoring was as follows:  +3/-1 if number of starred question was less than 10;  +3/-2 for 10-20 questions starred, and +3/-3 for more than 20 questions starred

1st: Shivam Sharma and Pranav Pawar: 49 pts
2nd: Shantanu G and Shantanu P: 45 pts
3rd: Vikram Joshi and Suraj Prabhu: 43 pts

The quiz was a nice one, but to be brutally honest - not up to what i expected from Kunal - especially given how mind-blastingly brilliant his last pop culture quiz was .

- There were a few brilliant questions that had everyone spontaneously clapping
- There was a lot of AV content which made the quiz fun to go through

- Unlike the last quiz there were few questions which could be genuinely be worked out
- I also felt there were a few too many questions on Video games which were a bit of a turn off for me.
- Finally with regards to scoring - I didn't the see the point of 2 points per correct answer other than to make the pounce scoring reasonable. I am saying this especially as the QM gave no half points  - which I would have rather have given - considering a lot of teams got a lot of fundas but not the exact answer (which could easily have been incorporated by giving 1 point per somewhat correct answer). IMHO the idea of no half points make sense in a specialist quiz pitched to hard-core enthusiasts but not to one held for the general public.

Quiz 2: Open General quiz by Vikram Joshi

Vikram had not prepared an elims and intended to run the entire quiz as a direct finals, however since too many people i..e more than 24 showed up (but still less than the last time Vikram conducted a quiz at BCQC) the QM decided to conduct the whole quiz as a written quiz.

The quiz comprised 47 written questions for 2 points each with the option to "stake" a maximum of 15 questions (for a +5/-2 score)

1st: Kunal Sawardekar & Aditya Gadre: 101 pts
2nd: Shivam Sharma & Pranav Pawar: 69 pts
3rd: Aniket D and Omkar Dhakephalkar: 53 pts
4th: Suraj Prabhu & Debanjan Bose (for about 17 questions): 52 pts
5th: Deven Deshpande and Omkar Yarguddi: 44 pts


- I felt the quiz as a whole was nice - with interesting fundae and some absolutely beautiful questions.
- Vikram ensured great coverage of topics and had a nice mix of well worded questions.
- I thought Vikram showed exemplary time-management and finished off the quiz in a very crisp manner appropriate to the level of the quiz

- I did feel that some questions had me questioning "Why is this being asked?"  - leading to the age old question of whether everything that is interesting is actually askable in a quiz or not.
- I would have rather that the QM had conducted the quiz as he intended even if there were more teams than he expected - the quiz would have certainly been more fun as a passing quiz
- I am not not a big fan of 2 written quizzes back to back - IMO a "stage" quiz leads to better engagement

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