Monday, March 12, 2018

Report on Techbiz quiz at Symbiosis Law School, Pune

Date: Sunday, 25th February 2018
Quiz: Techbiz Quiz
Venue: Symbiosis Law School
Fest/Organized by: Symbhav
QM: Nikhil Joseph Zacharias
Flavour: BizTech

1. Rohan Khanna and Viraj Bake (Open)
2. Sachin Sultanture and Ashish (Open)

Other Finalists:
Anirudh Anilkumar and Arnabh Sengupta (AFMC)
Ankit Choudhury and Akshay (PICT+COEP)
Anit and Samrat (Open)
Nikhil Motlag and Abhishek Kumar Singh (Open)
Kapinjal Choudhary and Sai Karthik (Open)
Omkar Dhakephalkar and Pranav Pawar (Open)

My team-mate, Pranav Pawar and I thought that the time had come to take the plunge, and hence took the momentous decision to participate in a biz quiz. For a while now we had thought that biz quizzes are dry, unexciting and the haunts of pseudo-quizzers whose aim is to rush in for a quick prize-money raid. And though the opinion is yet to fully break (as all prejudices are, I suppose), we were in for a pleasant surprise.

But first the slight horror of a bloated reg-fee. For a while the open reg fees for the techbiz quizzes at Symbhav were significantly high as compared to other fests (INR 500+); and justifiably so. The prize money had always been in the order of INR 10000+. In any case, as non-career biz quizzers (District 12 denizens) we balked when after a long journey to the venue, we were told that the reg fees had almost doubled to 600 from 300. But after a few deft calls by the supremely considerate Nikhil (NJZ henceforth), the matter was sorted and things returned to normal.

Despite being a morning quiz, there was quite an attendance. Being an open quiz, there was a considerable open junta, some who had even driven down from Mumbai. AFMC also sent in its highly active quizzing corp. This was accompanied with the usual smattering of college quizzers from other colleges and home teams. The elims started with less than standard delay, after a photo-op for sponsorship reasons.

The elims were fun and easy. Despite being a biz quiz, it was guessable for us and to our surprise, managed to qualify to the finals alongside professionals. Since it was a biz-quiz, of course names and proper-nouns to be asked was legit; but they too could be answered with a bit of basic knowledge. A total of 28 questions. There was a wide disparity between the first few teams who qualified and the last few in terms of scores.

The finals were a simple affair of two IRs, 32 Questions, and eight teams. We struggled a bit but the outstation biz quizzers were on the top of the game, including the better equipped team from AFMC. Pouncing on almost every question the winning team took and maintained the lead throughout. Because there was no limit on the questions a team can get directly, it was a funny at a time when our team got almost six questions in a row (of course, we could rarely answer them correctly). It was fun though. Despite a bit of an issue with the point-keeping which got some teams up in arms, things were sorted out quickly thanks to the cooperation of the organizers.

One issue I had was the lack of standardization in the slides. There was constant font change, erratic grammar and many a time it was not very clear what was asked. Again, this is very personal problem and ancillary to the quiz, not affecting its integrity. My team-mate felt that a few questions were very verbose and text-heavy when several parts of it could be slashed down (I agree). Also, he was of the opinion that tech was given less than its (ideally 50%) due.

Of course, a very special thanks is due to NJZ and the SLS Quiz Club for adjusting alongside Silhouettes in AFMC and the COEP quiz club over the weekend. Multiple open and college quizzes over three days. NJZ managed to finish his quiz in time so that we could attend the one in COEP later in the afternoon without much trouble. Thank You!

Overall, a very enjoyable first biz quiz for me.

Report by: Omkar Dhakephalkar

Report on Quiz at Symbiosis School of Economics

Date: Friday, 9th February 2018

Quiz: InGenius

Venue: Symbiosis School of Economics

Fest/Organized by: Equililbria 2018

QM: Bhargav Gopal and Team

Flavour: General


1. Omkar Dhakephalkar and Pranav Pawar 
2. Arnabh Sengupta and Anirudh Anilkumar 
3. Ranajeet Soman and Dikshant 
4. Anirudh Balajee and Akshay Ayush

Other Finalists:

Pranav Joshi and Charles Matthews

The quiz began post an opening ceremony where the organizers gave a demonstration of singing 90s pop songs and dancing on a medley of songs ranging from Chura Ke Di Mera to Livin La Vida Loca. The impact of the performance was so deeply felt that it is tough to distill just the quiz from this entire experience and thus finds a mention in this report. 

The quiz was surprisingly dialled down in comparison with the earlier festivities. There was an entire notepad handed to teams in lieu of answer-sheets. They also provided water bottles, albeit 150ml, to everyone. The format was written eliminations followed by a 6 team final.

The eliminations had 25 questions. The difficulty of the questions swung wildly from fairly easy to multiple choice to unguessable. That being said, the questions were of an acceptable quality considering the organizers’ inexperience in the matter and also considering the backdrop of horrendous quizzes with maths problems masquerading as quiz questions faced by the writer in the past.

After the break, it turned out that there were only 5 teams in the finals. There was more drama to come when it was announced one team would be eliminated from the finals after 2 rounds. This was because there were questions in multiples of 4 set in the following rounds and have 5 teams would skew the carefully tailored format.

The finals had all the usual suspects qualifying along with 2 young law students who gave some good answers. The finals began with 2 general rounds but had no infinite bounce (any variation). Instead there was direct and pass, but only if a team passed on the answer. If the team got the answer wrong, the question died an unceremonious death then and there and the team was slapped with negative points.

After 2 rounds, the guillotine fell on Pranav ‘Floyd’ Joshi and Charles’s team. This wasn’t received well by the team eliminated but they stayed around to heckle the remaining participants.

There were some controversies in the quiz with the pronunciation of Shintoism, if abductor muscle was an individual muscle or a class of muscles (which was clarified by the student doctors of AFMC by gallantly performing exercises highlighting the said muscles), and also whether there were spoilers on an airplane. Hand of God also struck a couple of times, which meant that one team had lost their chance to answer a direct question and since there were only 8 questions in the round, the round had to be turned into a written one.

Team 1 was leading till the last round but some poor misses meant they conceded the lead and tied for second. Since it still hadn’t been determined if airplanes had spoilers and it was 4.30pm, Team 5 was granted 2nd place (rightly so).

The quiz was enjoyed by the teams in the finals because of the non-stop banter. The organizers did well to keep their cool till the end. We hope they continue to do this quiz with a rising standard each year.

Report by: Ranajeet Soman