Friday, October 14, 2016

Quiz Report - 'Q' ILS State Level Quiz 2016

'Q' at ILS Law College- 3/9/16
QM(s): Sruthi and Shravya Darbhamulla
Post-quiz discussion.
SCENE: A dimly lit room. Like the BJ auditorium (the backdrop for further SCENES). Pizza slices and empty pizza boxes lying around. A mobile screen with cheesy Thumbprints open on an incomplete review oN Zomato.
Pranav 'Floyd' Joshi (hereinafter referred to as 'Floyd' for the purpose of brevity and convenience): "I felt it was a good quiz. Good fundae." He takes a pause. An ominous pause. "However. . . framing needs a lot of help. Sravya / sruthi lost control of the proceeding." Unpausing and ceaseless, he continued ". . . and a quizmaster should never let that happen." However, an optimist at his cholesterol filled heart, he says in the same laboured breath, "With more experience of hosting they should get better at this. I enjoyed."   
ENTER: A dashing young gentleman, hurriedly closing the door behind his cohorts of female fans. White teeth gleaming in the flittering TV screen. Spectacles shining.                      
 COEP Aman: Not to mince his words he says "Personally felt that quiz was more history biased. Very few ent questions in finals." Adjusts the cable wire. Floyd has yet get a DTH connection. Despite this annoyance, he agrees with Floyd."Need serious help with framing."                         
 BCQC Floyd: Awakens from his recurring Cheese Coma. "Oh yeah. Extreme history / polity bias. Law even"
APPEARS: A mouse-like brainiac till now hidden inside the layers of leather of the sofa.                           
 COEP Divij Ghose: His meek voice, filled with authority speaks out. As usual, words of wisdom fall out in his deadpan tone, "Since I was in the audience, I'd also like to bring up the point of an absolute lack of audience engagement"                        
BCQC SPDP: (Suraj Prabhudesai, referred to as 'BCQC SPDP' for the purpose of brevity, convenience, acronynymity and crispy delicious taste. Also, where did he come from? He was always there) "Yeah, the answers to the written rounds should have been asked to the audience before revealing the answers. By the end of the quiz there were like 6 people in the audience"                         
 AFMC Anmol Dhawan: (Oh he was also always there) Licks his lips. Giving a quiz review: one of his favourite past times. Dishes out two even before breakfast. For this one, he is already ready. Opens his cigarette case. Takes out a thin white cylinder of parchment. Smells it lengthwise. Slowly unrolls it. The ink is still fresh. Everyone stops breathing, as he reads it out, "Good fundas. Topics could have been more representative. Like Pranav said," of course he already knew what Pranav would say, "history-politics was more dominant. One thing where they could have improved was execution and  confidence. They frequently seemed confused and proceeded to consult each other - where they'd discuss whether to give part points or full points etc. They could have definitely been more confident in that regard. All in all, a pretty enjoyable quiz, though. Prelims were really good, in my opinion, though we missed a ton of sitters." Always ready to accept his mistakes, his words carried extra weight. "The quality of questions themselves was good. The topics could have been more representative, like I said before. If they were to host another quiz next month, I would definitely go for it."                         
 COEP Aman: The discussion was its apex. "Extending on the framing point, I felt they were unclear on what they wanted from the question. As in what qualified as bouncing for better answer and what was enough to give points."                         
 AFMC Anmol Dhawan: "I agree."
Fade out. Black out.
1st: NJZ (Nikhil Joseph Zacharias)+1 (SLS):  240 (appox.)
2nd: Aman Shaikh and DJ (Dhananjay Jagtap) (COEP): 190
3rd: Anurag+1 (AFMC): 187.5
4th: Pranav 'Floyd' Joshi and Charles Matthews (Modern+PICT): 180
5th+6th: Two AFMC Teams, one being Anmol Dhawan's

This script was adapted from a Whatsapp conversation by Omkar Dhakephalkar for purposes of general awareness and education. It the author's purpose, belief and hope that it be used by future quizmasters/setters and quizzers for improving their quizzes, learning from opinions and enshrine the glory of Mankind by hearkening a new Golden Age of Pune Quizzing.