Monday, November 21, 2011

The 1st Annual Tender Leaves Inter-School Quiz - Results

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Date: 19 Nov 2011

Set and Conducted by: Ramanand J, Suraj Menon

Turnout: ~70 teams

A General quiz with an emphasis on Books. Teams of 2 (classes 5-7) for elims. 23 questions written elims on slides. Top 6 teams in finals.
Finals: 22 questions on Infinite Rebounds clockwise, 3 written rounds on Book covers, Authors, and a Visual Connect.
Highest in elims: 18 (Bishop's), cut-off: 15 (4 stars).

1st: Team 5 - Orchid School - 1
2nd: Team 6 - Panditrao Agashe School
3rd: Team 2 - Bishop's
Other Finalists: Orchid-2, Millennium International, Symbiosis

Best School (based on number of teams in top 10): Orchid school
Prizes and trophies sponsored by Tender Leaves.

Thanks to Yash Marathe and Ranajeet Soman for helping out with the quiz.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The 1st Annual Tender Leaves Inter-School Quiz

As some of you know, veteran BCQC quizzer Harish's day job (and sometimes night) is being CEO of Tender Leaves, an online book library in Pune. Tender Leaves is organising its first ever Annual Inter School Quiz – a general quiz with a focus on books.

The details are as follows:

What: A General Quiz with a focus on books
Quizmaster: J. Ramanand
Who can participate: Students from Classes 5,6 and 7
Team Size: Two. Both members should belong to the same school
Format: Written prelims, followed by a Final with 6 teams of 2 members each
Entry Fees?: None
How to register?: : Call 020 32305063 or write to; On the spot registrations are also allowed

Date: 19th November (Saturday)
Timing: participants need to report by 9:15 AM; Elims: 9: 30 AM- 10:00 AM; Finals: 10:45 AM- 12:00 noon)
Venue: Nehru Memorial Hall, Camp, Pune.

Prizes: Prizes for each finalist, Trophies for winners and first runners-up and the Best School (school with the maximum teams in the top 10 in the elims). Lots of audience prizes.

Contact Details: Phone: B V Harish Kumar (020 32305063/ 9890454910) Email:

Please note that the prelims will be followed by the release of The Diary of a Puneri Kid – an anthology of fiction stories written by young writers from Pune. The Finals will follow the book release function.

Monday, November 07, 2011

General Lee Speaking (BCQC November 2011 Open Quiz)

Date: 6 Nov 2011

Set and Conducted by: Aditya Gadre

Teams of 2 for elims. 25 teams participated. 35 questions written elims on slides.
Top 6 teams in finals. Participants from 7th-9th top teams joint finalist teams randomly. Teams of 3 for finals.
Finals: 21 questions on Infinite Pounce clockwise, 1 5-image Google Doodle written round, 1 7-question non-negative theme, 21 questions on Infinite Pounce anti-clockwise

1st: Team F - Kunal Sawardekar, Maitreyi Gupta and Siddhesh Sarma (draft) - 210225pts
2nd: Team A - J. Ramanand, Niranjan Pedanekar and Yash Sathe (draft)- 125pts
3rd: Team E - Salil Bijur, Chintan Shah and Kamayani Sharma (draft) - 110pts
4th: Team C - Yash Marathe, Aditya Chandorkar and Satyavrat Wagle - 100pts
5th: Team D - Vikram Keskar, Sameer Deshpande and Rohit Sahasrabuddhe (draft) - 90pts
6th: Team B - Venkat Srinivasan, Amit Paranjape (substituted by Arjun Mohan) and Aniketh Rallabhandi (draft) - 35pts

Best College Team: Hitesh Mahato & Finehas Pinto (AFMC)
Best Newbie Team: Prateek Nagras & Rohan Dhamdhere

Prizes sponsored by Landmark and BCQC

Elims cutoff: 11.5

The full set of questions from the prelims and finals are available here, courtesy the QM.

Report (by Ramanand)
* Very simply framed, easy-paced and accessible prelims. Liked it.
* I'm not a fan of Infinite Pounce: I think it complicates the finals, makes it less entertaining for the audience (everyone scribbling away all the time), and elongates the quiz. I'll comment on that separately.
* Time management could have been a little better (it was better in the 2nd half)
* Liked the big connect, though I think the exhaustive-or-not part was confusing (to me)
* Slightly uneven pitch - with some easy ones and some tough ones. Perhaps it would help if the QM further explains the significance of the tough ones to counter the participants' sledging them as being too 'complicated' :)
* Some of the questions could have been less verbose
* What was not at all good was the confusion over scoring. I do think a non-participant should score (or there should be a visible scoring sheet/excel open). It's difficult for teams to keep scores accurately, esp. with Pounce-a-tantra in place.

* <in-joke>BTW, contrary to fears of extinction, some endangered vCats were once again spotted (or was it just the unspotted version? too dry to tell)</in-joke>

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