Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Announcement : The BCQC August Open Part I

This Sunday - the 4th of August, 2013 - we have quite a show lined up. 

Act 1: The Silly Olympics*

Avaneendra Bhargav will be running a quiz Suraj Menon recently conducted at some village in Jharkhand. This is a Sports-Entertainment aka SpEnt Quiz. Just like all other Suraj Menon quizzes, it is nice, fun  and interesting quiz. 

Time: 1:30 pm
Flavour:  Sports and Entertainment
Teams: Teams of two.
Format: This is a written quiz (~35 questions)- so please bring a writing instrument.

* Yet another Monty Python reference. Nothing silly about this quiz :)

Act 2: कह के बताइयेगा!

Pune Quizzing legend BV Harish Kumar will be making a much awaited return to conducting quizzes at the BCQC after a gap five years or so. Given his past quizzes, I can assure you that this one will also be brilliant. 

Time: 3 pm
Flavour: General 
Teams: Teams of three.
Format: Written elims followed by finals for the top 6 teams (No draft picks)

The venue for both the quizzes will be Extentia Information Technology, Nilanjali Housing Colony, Kalyani Nagar, Pune. You can put this in to google maps to figure out the exact location. Many thanks to Vcat for help with the venue. 

Basic Directions: Come onto North main road in Koregaon park - turn onto the bridge towards adlabs - go straight past adlabs and take a left when you see the Bounty Hotel on your left, enter lane no 12 and go the end of the lane, Extentia should be on your right.