Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Brainstorm '13 - COEP Internal Quiz - Report

(based on information sent in by Rohan Danait)

On October 24, a quiz for COEP students was held at COEP, aimed at introducing them to quizzing and to the BCQC. The quiz was set by Chinmay Tadwalkar and Mustafa Abbas (SE students) with Rohan's guidance. 20-25 teams of two members participated in the elims, from which 6 teams + 3 draft picks were selected for the finals. (Rohan says: around 15-20 people said they were interested in quizzing and would like to attend more quizzes in the future.)

The finalists:

1st place: Omkar Borate, Anubhav Tiwari, Swapnil Ahire

2nd place: Atharva Deshpande, Darshan Jaware, Animesh Bora

3rd place: Mruganayani Nagur, Ipshita Paul, Devyani Salokhe

The other finalists were:

4) Nishant Bhumare, Vibhav Tungar, Kaustubh Shakkarwar

5) Divyansh Saxena, Rohan Manatkar, Urvi Purohit

6) Devashree Ragde, Sanket Gurikar, Simran Batra

More such events are being planned for COEP quizzers, including the finals of Abhimanyu in the coming months.