Wednesday, August 29, 2012

BCQC September Open Quiz 2012 - Afternoon Quiz

Rome was not built in a day, and neither was this quiz. 

Following the Movies Quiz in the morning, Anannya Deb 
(aka Sports Gawd, Hemisphere Gawd, Finger Gawd, Map Gawd, Ent Gawd and many more) will pull out of his beard  a ton of super interesting questions. You'd have to be an idiot (or a maoist) to miss this. 


Thodasa Roomani Ho Jaye

Quizmaster: Anannya Deb
Flavour: General
Format:  Prelims and then finals format; two members per team; no prior registration needed; no entry fees
Timings 1:30 pm to 5.30 pm 
Date: 2 September (Sunday)
VenueSeminar Hall II, College of Engineering, Pune 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cineaste (The Essential Movies Quiz)


Set and Conducted by: Avaneendra Bhargav and Rohan Jain

 Date: 2nd September (Sunday)

Venue : College of Engineering, Pune

Flavour : Movies 
Format:  Written Prelims and then Finals format; no prior registration needed; no entry fees. Teams of 2. 
Timings : 10 am to 1 pm starts by 9:30 (report by 9.15 am)

Sunday, August 26, 2012

BCQC July Open

 The BCQC July Open Quiz
 Date: 22nd July 2012
Set and Conducted by: Debanjan Bose and Hari Nair
Teams of 2 for elims.  25 questions written elims.
Top 6 teams in finals. Participants from 7th-9th top teams were asked to join finalist teams. Teams of 3 for finals.
8 pounces per team. Pounces divided in two sets of 4 per set of 18 IB questions.

Scoring: Omkar and Debopriyo
1st: Team F - Saikat Sarkar, Kshitij Jyoti and Ranajeet Soman(draft) - 165 pts
2nd:Team C - Samrat Sengupta, Swaminathan Dixit and Ravi Handa (draft)- 130 pts
3rd: Team D - Vibhav Bhave, Rohan Danait and Alok Kulkarni (draft) - 108 pts
4th: Team B - Suraj Prabhu, Abhinav Pathak and Aniketh Rallabhandi (draft) - 105 pts
5th: Team E - Rohan Jain (replaced by Arnold D'Souza), Nikhil Motlag and Nikhil (draft) - 90 pts
6th: Team A - Mrudul, Abhijit and Avaneendra Bhargav(draft) - 65 pts

Prizes sponsored by BCQC


A very low scoring elimination round did not quite portend the high scoring finals. Most of the questions were well appreciated by the finalists and the audience. The quiz was dominated from the outset by Team F who kept answering the dry questions consistently and made full use of their pounces. Team D and C gained points in the visual and theme connects where the winners were found lacking but the Infinite Bounce rounds were good enough to see them through.
A small complaint : 3 or 4 questions in the finals were seen before in quizzes set previously by the same QMs. The QMs should take note not to repeat questions.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

BCQC Annual College Quiz

BCQC College Quizzer of the Year a.k.a The Mohit Karve Memorial Quiz
Date: 22 July 2012
Set by :  Mohit Karve
Conducted by: Avaneendra Bhargav
30 question elims & 42 question finals with intrinsic theme connect
Top 6 solo quizzers in finals.
Scoring: Rohan Jain
1st:  Aniketh Rallabhandi - 85 points
2nd: Ranajeet Soman - 60 points
3rd: Debanjan Bose - 50 points
4th: Hari Nair - 45 points
5th: Saikat Sarkar - 40 points
6th: Kshitij Jyoti - 25 points

Prizes sponsored by BCQC, Landmark
Elims cutoff: 13

 Around 15 quizzers showed up for this annual college quiz; a turnout lower than expected. The elims were not very tough though quite a few participants were put off by questions about things in vogue in the mid 2000s.
The finals contained some "gentle full-tosses" (as some like to call it) which would have been more in place in the elims. Overall the questions were good with very few going unanswered. It was a close quiz for the most part till Aniketh extended his lead to 20 points around the last 5 questions.
We hope Aniketh will come up with a great set of questions next year for the quiz that will bear his name.