Friday, August 27, 2010

Extentia Company Quiz VI

Extentia Company Quiz VI - Fri, August 27, 2010 at Extentia KP

QMs: Mukul Vyas and Soumava Chatterjee. Quiz set by Suraj Menon/BCQC
Theme: General

Email quiz sent to Extentians earlier in the week. Answers and winners announced ahead of Fri's quiz. Winners determined by # of correct answers and timestamp of email.
About 20 Extentians in all - the now familiar in-company quiz folks.
IR with participants split into four teams as always.
Team 1 established an early lead that it held through the quiz
Tie for 2nd between teams 3 and 4. Tiebreaker won by Team 4
Interesting, workable questions, and most were answered by teams.
QMs had a good sense of humor and helmed the quiz well
Minor fight between team 3,4 and a QM at tiebreak
Demands for Vcat to be excluded from next event (or distribute prizes first and then have the quiz!)

Winners: Team 1 (Melanie, Rahul D, Vcat......)
Runners Up: Team 4 (Farah, Jaya, Surbhi, Louis...)