Friday, October 28, 2005

League Quiz - November Edition Update

Watch this space for more details about the November round.

Until then check out the teaser here.

Update 1 :

The date is 5th Nov. I will confirm the timings soon. Please check out the full details, sample questions and contact info here.

You can contact me at : cheerfulguy(AT)gmail(DOT)com

Update Deux : The final details are as follows :

1. Scope : General / Trivia
2. Date : 5th November, 2005
3. Day : Saturday
4. Place : Persistent Systems Pvt. Ltd.,
Senapati Bapat Rd. Pune.
5. Time : 4 : 30 PM
6. Teams of 2 / open for all

Contact no : +91-20-25468688 Cheers,

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Wikipedia Article on India Quizzing

I've started a Wikipedia article on Indian Quizzing here. As of now, it is woefully incomplete, and a lot of the stuff I've written is crap. But the important thing is that there IS a page on it, and I've tried to give it some semblance of a structure. I'd like to request quizzers who feel they have information that needs to go into the article to please contribute in filling it out. Right now, work is needed on almost evry section, including the Quizzing by City section, Types of Quizzes section and Quizzing by Topic section.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

The Maruti Suzuki FACT (Free A Child Today) Quiz


- Pune Leg
- Saturday, 15th Oct. @ Nehru Memorial Hall.
- organized by CRY
- Corporate General Quiz
- QM : Gautam Bhimani

1. MBT - Ankit, Pawan
2. Honeywell - Nilesh, Anand
3. Tata Motors - Saurav + 1
4. Tata Tech - Krishna, Vasant
5. Infosys - Harish + Manish
6. Aviva - Exl : Sudeep, Sanjay

Comments :
(+) Special Word for Gautam Bhimani, a really nice QM
(+) Extremely nice A/V questions. Not often do you get that.
(+) A Majority of the questions were very good, and lots of new areas not talked about here.
(+) Nice organization, flexible rules and coordial hosts made it a pleasure to be there.
(-) The scoring system was the major grudge, the first and last rounds has a lot of points, and the 10+5 system didn't help.
(-) The fewer number of teams for such a big quiz surprised me, but this might be because it was the 1st year in Pune.
Notes :
* Shamanth + 1(kanbay), Tata Tech and one more team(IIRC Tata Systems) had a long tie-breaker for the final place in the finals.
* CRY didn't overbear themselves on the quiz, wrt the social conciousness factor, but they got across their point. This report would not be complete w/o a mention for the work that CRY does. Find out more here.

Monday, October 10, 2005

The September/October 2005 Open Quiz - Results

Sudarshan conducted our latest Open Quiz - an Entertainment Quiz - last Saturday. I've seldom seen such good theme quizzes, and especially since this was Sud's debut effort at conducting a quiz, it was quite a good effort. I got a peek into many new themes I never knew much about.


1st: Kunal Sawardekar and Niranjan Pedanekar
2nd: Amit Varma and Leslie Mathew
3rd: Gaurav Sabnis and Anand Sivashankar
Other Finalists: Amit Garde & Brajesh, Shamanth Rao and J. Ramanand, Meghashyam Shirodkar and Aditya Udas

Despite the slight snafu of the sponsors not turning up, we do have prizes for the finalists (we think :-) ). Finalists: Kindly send an email with your postal address to Sudarshan (email address: sudarshan (dought) purohit (at) gmail (dought) com) or leave them behind on the comments for this post. Sud will make all necessary arrangements.

Any reviews? Use the comments please.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Quizzing Vocab

Harish unearthed this very interesting link to do about quizzing vocabulary. Bet you didn't know much about the Cricket Pitch Question, Multivia and Buzzer Rock.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Engima 2K5 Concepts
held at Bharti Vidyapeeth Deemed University College of Engineering (BVDUCOE)

Date: 1st Oct 2005

1st: Salil Bijur & Arnab Pal (VIT)
2nd: Ashim Tiwari & Suvajit Chakraborty (Symbiosis)
3rd: Anupam Akolkar & Siddharth Joshi (VIT)
4th: Abhishek Nagaraj & Aniket Khasgiwale (COEP)
5th: Shyamal Kishore & Amit Kumar (BVDUCOE)
6th: Sumant Singh & Abhigya Reshu (BVDUCOE)

Set by: Debashish Roy

Enigma 2K5 was general quiz with a heavy tilt towards biz questions. D&P and a faulty seating arrangement (descending order of elims scored from A-F) ensured an imbalance in the no. of attempts per team. However the questions in the later rounds helped us make a comeback.

Rounds: After a general round (with many biz questions), there was an exclusive business round, a rapid fire round (with many biz questions) and a mixed bag round (with many biz questions). The questions in the take-your-pick round were too less (only 2) and rather obscure. Audio round was the last one where we had to identify the song and the artiste from the first few seconds of the song. The selection was rather obscure as there was not much scoring here.

Major Crib: One could not hear the answers of other teams. Worse was, they weren't allowed to know them either.

It seems to be the first time that the organisers have done the quiz so considering that it was a decent effort.