Wednesday, December 28, 2011

V for Wikipedia - II

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Just like last year, the Boat Club Quiz Club is happy to announce that it has made a small donation to the Wikimedia Foundation. The reasons remain the same; perhaps we could add one more: what if you woke up tomorrow and found Wikipedia gone?

Happy quizzing, reading, encyclopaeding.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mega-Whats 2011 Pune results

When: 11 Dec, 2011
Where: COEP
Moderated by: Gaurav Keskar
No. of teams: 19

OPEN winners: MEGA-WTFS (Ramanand J., Harish Kumar B.V., Salil Bijur, Kunal Sawardekar) - 57
OPEN runners-up: BARR CHAILA FC UNITED (Yash, Suraj, Atul, Anannya) - 52
COLLEGE winners: KILROY’S DOPPLEGANGERS (AFMC - Kshitij Jyoti, Kamesh Gupta, Mridul J., Saikat) - 33

A list of All India results.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

COEP Mindspark 2011 quizzes (includes Chakravyuuh)

Forwarding an announcement from COEP:

MindSpark is the annual Technical Festival of the College of Engineering, Pune.
This year MindSpark will play host to 4 quizzes from27th- 29th December 2011. Specifics BelowFor any additional clarifications. visit
1. Chakravyuh- the Open General Quiz
Wednesday , 28th December 2011
Timing: 11:00 am to 4:30 pm.
Venue: The Auditorium, College of Engineering, Pune

Chakravyuh has been one of Pune's best known open quizzes for many years now. A general quiz that is literally based on anything and everything under the sun, the participants of this quiz can range from college students to software professionals. Chakravyuh has gone on to produce quizzers who would later perform exceptionally well at national level quizzes. Previous years have elicited fantastic participation and the prize money remains as sweet as ever.
Status: Open Quiz (Anyone can Participate)
Team size: 2
Registration fees: Rs. 30/- per team. Register on the Spot.

2. Torquest- The Scince and Technology quiz
Tuesday, 27th December, 2011
We wouldn't really be an institute of excellence in technical education unless our students were sound in their technical knowledge and fundas. Pit your love for technology against ours. Brush up your theory and find out how much you could actually apply it when you go out into the mad, mad world. Science and technology are inseparable, and this is a quiz where the passion for both would find a home.
Status: Open Quiz (anyone can Participate)
Team size: 2
Registration fees: Rs. 30/- per team. Register on the Spot.

3. Qonnoisseur- The MELA Quiz

Thursday, 29th December, 2011


There's not really much to introduce to this classic format. We're looking for people who read a lot of classics, watch a lot of movies and critique works of art in your spare time, then you're the kind of person who just might have a shot at winning this quiz. Prove yourself to be the ultimate savant in all things related to media and culture

Status: Open Quiz (Anyone can Participate)
Team size: 2
Registration fees: Rs. 30/- per team. Register on the Spot.

4. 10^-9- The Nanotechnology Quiz
Tuesday, 27th December, 2011
Wednesday, 28th December, 2011


From nanotubes to colloids to powder technology. You need to know it all to crack this one. Dodge a volley of questions and advance in your quest to conquer the material world for this is the Nanotechnology quiz. The winner takes it all.

Status: College Quiz (I Cards required)
Team size: 2
Registration fees: Rs. 30/- per team. Register on the Spot.

Total Prize Money to be won : Rs 80, 000/-

Goodies for participants and Loads of Audience Prizes (Movie Tickets, Magazines, Anti Virus Packs, Developer Keys, T Shirts etc.)

For more details contact:
Himanshu Panandikar +91 90497 25707 (
Mihir Khatwani +91 97647 707747 (
Neelima Jha +91 90283 59871(
Nilesh Adhav +91 96658 45872(

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Mega-Whats 2011 with Pune details

Mega-Whats is the KQA's annual team competition. Full details are available at this link. Gist is as follows:

  • (upto) 4 member teams; a General quiz
  • On the 11th of Dec (Sunday) from 2:30 pm
  • Pune venue is: Seminar Hall 2, Room no. 13, Mech Department, COEP . A full list of venues is here.
  • Prizes (sponsored by the BCQC in Pune) for Best City Team, Best School and College Teams.
  • Prior registration is advised to guarantee a seat and to help organisers figure out the logistics. A list of registered teams so far is here.
For the rest of the details, visit this link.